Red Kite sweetness

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I am a sucker for the goodies that grocery stores strategically place near the checkout counter. My kids never ask for anything while we wait as patiently as possible, but I eye the candy, sweets, and treats.

Last week I found a display of Red Kite Candy at the Hunger Mtn Co-Op. I had read about Red Kite Candy and took this opportunity to buy myself a special treat. I chose Maple Caramel, because everything is better with maple.

As soon as I unwrapped my caramel I was hit with the aroma of maple syrup. Red Kite Candy does not disappoint. The candy had a distinctive maple flavor that reminded me of Vermont’s spring sugaring season. The caramel was perfectly smooth and melted in my mouth. I offered a maple caramel to my husband and then yelled at him when he put the whole thing in his mouth. I told him that he needed to savor it! I make my caramel last, eating small bites at a time. His was gone in 30 seconds. We clearly both enjoyed our candy, in different ways.

Red Kite Candy started in 2009 by Elaine McCabe. She and her team seek the finest ingredients from Vermont such organic milk and cream. Red Kite Candies can be found all over Vermont and New England.

Enter below to win Red Kite Candy caramels! Good luck!



5 thoughts on “Red Kite sweetness

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  2. RKC is the ultimate, whether plain, mixed in gelato, crumbled toffee on chocolate cream pies, you name it, it is fabulous.

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