Spice up your life!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

My husband and I like to keep things hot! We both enjoy cooking and eating spicy foods. Over the years my palate has become more brave, although I am not sure I could win any wing eating contests (as my husband would LOVE to do!).

I would like to tell you about a particular spice and a spice company right here in Vermont. The Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont is based in Shelburne and they are mixing up bold spice flavors that you need to try. Teeny Tiny is just two years old, family run, and growing. Owner Thora Pomicter was committed to making healthy and organic food for her own family and had a love of cooking ethnic foods. Tired of small spice baggies taking over their kitchen they started to create and package winning combinations. At the encouragement of friends Teeny Tiny was born!

I quickly fell in love with the “Perfection Spice Rub”. You know someone is quite confident in their product to put the word “perfect” on it. I would agree with this confident person….. this rub is perfect! My favorite way to use this rub is on sweet potatoes. I could eat sweet potatoes every day. Sweet potatoes are my 1 ingredient I would bring to a desert island. I cut my potatoes into cubes and drizzled them with olive oil. I sprinkled the Perfection Spice Rub and baked the potatoes at 400 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Yum! I didn’t wait until they were on my plate to try them. We ate them everyday for a week, prepared the same way everyday! Try putting them in tin foil and cooking them on the grill too!

The Teeny Tiny Spice Co shares a recipe on each label. We followed the recipe for British Curry and enjoyed a sweet and lovely aromatic meal. Try every shared recipe, they are all delicious!

Try Vermont First would like to help you spice things up! We are giving away one 6.5oz jar of the Perfection Spice Rub. Simply fill out the form below to enter this giveaway!

Good luck!


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