A giveaway with Dad in mind.

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

There are more than a few Vermont gems that have taken me by surprise as I have researched for my blog. Beau Ties of Vermont is a true gem in Middlebury, VT. Founded in 1993 by Bill Kenerson and Deb Venman, Beau Ties of Vermont set out to sell well crafted bow ties via a brand new catalog.  Their first catalog was sent to just 5000 people and had 8 fabric choices. They now send catalogs to over 500,000 people worldwide and showcase hundreds of new fabrics a year!

Beau Ties of Vermont has seen substantial growth and success in the last 19 years. Their 30 employees still make all of their products and operate in Middlebury. And they are busy…. selling over 70,000 products a year! Wow!

We are excited to announce another great giveaway…. and this one happens to coincide with Father’s Day (this weekend!). You can enter below to be one of two winners! Each winner will receive a tie from Beau Ties of Vermont.  One is an orange and yellow cotton striped necktie. The other is a green silk bow tie with Vermont cows. Enter to win one for yourself, or for someone special in your life!

If you have a special event, a wedding, or a tie aficionado in your family check out Beau Ties of Vermont and Try Vermont First!



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