How do you like your eggs?

Our family loves eggs. We could eat them everyday. I really do think that they are incredible and one of the best ways to start the morning.

We all love hard boiled eggs. Well, the baby doesn’t love them yet, but she will. I have mixed feelings about hard boiled eggs though. They are so great to eat, but such a pain to make!

I am sure that I have tried to make perfect hard boiled eggs 100 ways. I have tried boiling water, cold water (to start), 12.5 minutes, 25 minutes, adding salt or vinegar. I have peeled them hot, warm, cool, and cold. Usually I end up with a few good eggs, and a few that leave me muttering about how I will never make them again.

I have sought help with this issue from everyone including my mother, to mother in law, to random online question and answer groups. Everyone has a different method and I have tired them all.

I have narrowed down the reason why I am so unsuccessful at making hard boiled eggs. My eggs are fresh. Very fresh! We purchase all of our eggs from our neighbors and we know that our eggs have been laid just days, or even hours before. All my research has agreed, it’s nearly impossible to hard boil farm fresh eggs.

Would I rather have farm fresh eggs or hard boiled eggs? Silly question. Of course I would rather have farm fresh eggs! I like being able to walk down the road and buy eggs that I know are fresh. They are from chickens that I can see running around the yard. I don’t have to question how long my eggs have sat on a shelf, or a truck, or in a warehouse.

Recently I found a post on Pinterest detailing how to bake eggs to hard boiled (like) perfection. I figured that I better give it a try.

I put half a dozen eggs in a muffin tin in my oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

After 30 minutes I transfered the eggs to a bowl of very cold water.

I let the eggs rest for 15 mintues or so and then peeled them. The first egg was a mess. I was nervous that this would have been a waste of 6 eggs. But the rest of the eggs peeled much better! A few had small brown spots which didnt bother me at all. The texture of the eggs was perfect!

So it’s a win win for me. Here is a way to enjoy fresh hard boiled eggs, just how I like them.



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