Meet this artist!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

I would like to introduce you to another Vermont artist. Susanne Ryan from the Etsy shop Susio is a needle felting Mom from Essex Jct. Susanne started needle felting as a way to provide fun and unique holiday gifts for her family. She has taught herself how to make each energetically inspired piece.

Needle felting is an incredibly old art form that has recently gained increased popularity. Susanne starts with wool from Ewe Who Farm in Charlotte. She uses a special felting needle to tangle the wool fibers together, building a shape or a form that she can later embellish with more wool. She uses both bright and bold colored wool (for her play scapes) and more natural colors (for her lifelike birds).

Susanne has sent Try Vermont First two items to be given away! One is an adorable gnome that can sit on a shelf to watch over you and  make you smile. The other item is a felted wood pecker. Woodpeckers are special to my family so I am excited to be able to share Susanne’s with you. It has a wire frame and is beautifully constructed with red, black and white wool. The markings truly look like a woodpecker and Susanne has paid great attention to details!

Thank you Susanne for hosting this giveaway with our readers!

Check out Susanne’s Etsy shop for more beautiful items such as Ipad cases, purses, and more! Her play scapes look fun for even adults to play with!



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