The Orange Owl…. hoooo hoooo

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

When I started this blog I asked Kelly Sullivan, owner of Splash Naturals in downtown Montpelier, to suggest Vermont companies for me to contact. She told me that one of her favorite companies is The Orange Owl in Essex Junction.

The Orange Owl was founded by Akshata Nayak with a goal in mind to “provide simple and environmentally friendly alternatives to essential products used regularly in our lives”. Akshata sent us two products to try: Naturally Naked body butter and Zesty Splendor lip balm.

This winter my 1 year old daughter had incredibly dry red skin. I tried many different lotions and oils, but nothing helped. Until I tried body butter from The Orange Owl. I put a generous amount on her legs every night and after every bath. Very quickly after we started using the body butter her legs seemed to be healed. They were not red, they were soft, and she no longer had patches of dry skin. Her skin hasn’t had a problem since then. I never hesitated to use this product on my baby girl. The Orange Owl is committed to making products with ingredients that you can pronounce. Each body butter is made with a mix of natural and essential oils.

I spend much of my day prepping and washing food, cleaning dishes, doing laundry, helping children to wash their hands, and changing diapers. My hands are washed so many times that they become dry and I dread each time I have to get them wet again. The skin on my hands cracks and hurts. I started to put The Orange Owl’s body butter every evening. My hands thanked me for this! They felt luxurious and pampered.

Akshata has been busy. The Orange Owl was selected to participate at the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Gift Lounge being held on May 31st in Beverly Hills, CA. This is an event hosting the nominees and presenters for the award show scheduled to air June 3rd.

We are excited to share a giveaway with you! The Orange Owl has offered to send one random winner a soap and lip balm of their choice! Visit The Orange Owl to view read more about their company (and how they are giving back!) and view their products. Details below on how to enter this contest.



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