VT Cares

Vermont cares. Vermonters care. In times of tragedy we are there to support friends, family, neighbors, and complete strangers as well.

This March an unimaginable horror struck the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. A young mother was brutally taken away from her family. This loss was felt statewide and quickly our little state came together.

Matt Walker and his St Albans based company, The Vermont Clothing Company, care. His company designed a shirt in honor of Melissa Jenkins. The pink VT Cares shirt has been sold to people in more than 27 states, and Mexico. They have been sold to softball teams, large companies, schools, and more. You are sure to see a lot of pink shirts running in VT marathons this summer. All profits from this shirt go to the Melissa Jenkin’s Memorial Trust, set up for Melissa’s son, and if you order 2 or more shirts shipping is free! They have already raised over $7500!

I have been proudly wearing my pink VT Cares shirt. I wear my shirt to keep Melissa’s memory alive, and to show respect and love for her family and friends. This shirt was a gift to myself and one of the best I have ever received.

The Vermont Clothing Company clearly gives back a lot to our community. They are also a great resource for company shirts, bags, hats, etc. Let them design and print what your company needs!

Are you ready to wear pink? Try Vermont First is thrilled to announce that The Vermont Clothing Company has generously agreed to donate 100% of the sales of its pink VT Cares shirts to the Melissa Jenkin’s Memorial Trust for this weekend only! Buy a shirt for yourself. Buy a shirt for someone that you love. Buy a shirt as a gift. Enjoy running? Buy a Vermont Cares Dri-FIT shirt to keep you cool. Start shopping right now!

Upload a picture of yourself in your Vermont Cares shirt on The Vermont Clothing Company’s Facebook page.

Thank you Vermont Clothing Company!

Rest in peace Melissa.


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