Mrs. Clean Mrs. Clean

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

The love of cleaning runs in my veins (thanks Dad!). Keeping my house clean, disinfected, and organized, is something that I actually enjoy! There are some cleaning jobs that I will put off, but others I am happy to do. Mainly, mopping. I get as excited about freshly mopped floors as I do about new shoes.

I have a good reason to keep my floors as clean as possible right now. She is 13 months old and she scoots! My daughter has no desire to walk, and she will probably never crawl, but she scoots on her bottom, with the help of her hands. Her hands aid in her traveling miles throughout the day. One second she is traveling, the next she is putting her hands in her mouth. Like I said, I have a good reason to keep my floors clean!

Meet Pretty Clean Place. Owner Lindsey sent me her Eco-friendly All-Purpose Glass and Surface Cleaner and I have been using it daily!

Here is the ingredient list for the All Purpose Cleaner:

“INGREDIENTS: vinegar, organic lemon juice (lemon juice, lemon oil, sulphur dioxide), Castile soap (water, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic eucalyptus oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol) tea tree oil, fragrance.”

I am confident that these ingredients are cleaning my house in a safe and natural way. I can see how clean my house is after I use this cleaner. I have used this cleaner to wash my windows, scrub my counter tops, and mop my floors. My windows are now free of dog and kid kisses. My counter tops are spotless. My floors are shinning! I am thankful that Lindsey has found just the right formula to help aid my cleaning OCD. All of Lindsey’s products are one that I wish I could make, think I should make, and am glad I can buy so I can cross “make my own” off my busy to do list! This one cleaner can clean everything in my house! I love the ease and convenience of that!

Are you ready to clean your house? Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what you want to do today, but I hope that you are excited to try Lindsey’s products! She has offered a full cleaning set (AP cleaner, Soft Scrub, and Fabric Refresher) to one random commenter. Simply leave a comment below and let us know why you are interested in trying these Eco-friendly cleaners in your home. Our winner will be chosen on Friday, May 18th at midnight.

Bonus: Lindsey is also offering Try Vermont First readers free shipping on all products until the end of the month. Just use the code PRETTYFREESHIPPING. Start shopping now! Take a minute to read Lindsey’s blog too!

A quote from my dad: “A clean house is a happy house!”.



19 thoughts on “Mrs. Clean Mrs. Clean

  1. Hi Honi!
    I too love a clean, organized house. But admittedly I have trouble getting my house to were I want it to be with two young children, animals, and well, LIFE! I would so love to try this product, as I am always looking for new eco-friendly cleaning products to try. I usually make my own, but am rarely 100% happy with the results. Win or not, I plan to give it a try. And supporting a VT woman’s business? AWESOME:)

  2. I would love to try it. Always in the market for an effective natural cleaner and would love to use one from a Vermont Source.

  3. i’d love to try it because I just moved into a new beautiful apartment in burlington after being away from VT for 5 years. the place is great, but it’s in a bit of rough shape, as the previous owner had a dog & the landlord didn’t clean it before we moved in!

  4. with 2 dogs and 3 young kids my windows have tons of kisses and I am forever mopping up wet and muddy paw prints! i have tons of DIY cleaners on my list of things to make but i would love to give this product a try!

  5. Great find, Honi! I literally stopped buying cleaning products altogether when I was pregnant with our because I didn’t want to expose her to the harmful chemicals that are in traditional cleaning products inside or outside of the whomb. I’ve been mostly using baking soda & vinegar, that do a great job cleaning, but I don’t have the nice smelling home (with a 3 year old and 2 very active golden retrievers) when it’s all said & done- it smell smore like a pickle jar! I will definitely be giving Lindsey’s cleaners a try!!!! Especially the floor cleaner!! Awesome find & awesome job, Lindsey!!

  6. I have been searching for non-toxic household cleaners whose ingredients ALL look good. This household cleaner looks like what I need! I like that it is multi-purpose. And I love that it sounds like it really works AND will be safe for my 1 year old’s home environment. There are so many toxins out there – my goal is to at least make our home as non-toxic as possible. AND clean 🙂

  7. Admittedly, I’ve traditionally hated cleaning and barely found time to do it, but love the actual clean results! With one old dog, one brand new puppy, a part-time toddler and a Roo in the belly (expecting him or her this fall), cleanliness is becoming increasingly important. Throw in a very busy work and volunteer schedule, and one-stop cleaning items that actually work are a true blessing! But, as an eco- and health-conscious consumer and someone who is fairly in-the-know on the latest research and concerns around our toxic chemical environment, it can be challenging to find the “it” item. But, spending the money on ‘friendly’ items that might not work can get frustrating. I would love to try out this product and know if it’s worth spending the money on–I think spending more makes sense when it’s good for you and practical and would love to know if this is one of those items! Thanks for the opportunity to potentially check it out.

  8. I’m just as much of a clean freak as you, but I definitely don’t share your joy in the actual cleaning process. I just like the end result. I’m always happy to try new products to make it more interesting 😉

  9. With a one year old and one on the way I am trying to only bring healthy and non-toxic things, including cleaning supplies into the house. I would love to try using products from pretty clean place!

  10. Thanks so much for the fantastic review, and kind comments! I’m totally blushing right now!!

    For those of you who would like to partake in the Free Shipping offer, please use the code PRETTYFREESHIPPING at check-out. Thanks again!

  11. I use Shaklee right now, but nothing could beat that list of ingredients you provided!! And I’d much rather support a VT business.

  12. I have a 2 1/2 year old son, and a 3 month old daughter– having non-toxic cleaners (that actually work!) would be fantastic! I have some on my DIY list, but would love something that is tried and true! 🙂

  13. My 10 month old baby girl would really benefit from a product like this. She is a non-stop crawling machine plus she is teething so her hands are either on the move or in her mouth. This product sounds fantastic!!

  14. I would love to try Lindsey’s products as I am always looking for natural alternatives to the chemical laden options in the store..

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