Meeting David Martin

My house is filled with thousands of children’s books. My daughter’s room has board books and soft books. My son has a large collection of early chapter books. Our playroom has a huge collection of picture books, poetry books, classics, favorites, and more. We love to read and our children share the same love.

In addition to these books that I have been collecting since I was in high school, we go to our local library every week to find more books. This gives us a chance to read more books by favorite authors, or search for books on a certain topic.

This week we found a special guest at our library’s story time. Vermont children’s author David Martin. He looked familiar and I was thrilled to learn that he is from my hometown (it’s a small world!).

David had his guitar and captivated the children’s attention with songs that had everyone dancing, singing, and making silly noises. He also brought his new book to share: Let’s Have a Tree Party. The book originated as a song and is lively, fun, and will inspire you to have your own party.

David’s visit was sponsored by Bear Pond Books, one of Montpelier’s great bookstores. Thanks to Bear Pond, and thanks to David we now have 4 signed Little Monkey books for my little monkeys.

I encourage you to check out all of David’s great books and support our local authors and small bookstores! Bear Pond Books has been kind enough to offer a discount to Try Vermont First readers! Visit Bear Pond Books on Main St in Montpelier and mention Try Vermont First to receive 20% off your purchase of children’s books. This is a one time use discount good through Thursday, May 17th. Thank you Bear Pond Books!

Happy reading!



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