Vermont Soap Organics

It was great to come home from a weekend trip last month to find a box of products from Vermont Soap Organics. They were the first company to send products to our new blog and we thank them for that!

Three members of my family have spent the last few weeks using body soaps from Vermont Soap Organics. My husband was using the Aloe Baby Soap bar soap. I was using the Country Lavender shower gel and my 3.5 year old son was using the Unscented Baby Wash.

I am happy to say that we have all enjoyed making the switch in the shower to Vermont Soap Organics!

There is something very… well.. cleansing about know that you are using an organic, safe, natural soap in the shower. My husband is a hard working guy, and often times because of this he is a sweaty, dirty guy (sorry dear, but it’s true!). He had been using a heavily scented “man soap”. He has had only positive things to say about the Vermont Soap he has been using.

I have always used body gels, washes, or soaps that were marketed as extra moisturizing. I was hesitant to try a new soap but the Country Lavender shower gel has exceeded my expectations. A small amount of gel makes a nice thick and bubbly lather. My skin has been well moisturized and my skin feels natural, not covered soap residue.

My son has always felt anxious about having his hair washed. We have used many soaps labeled “tear free” and even tried using fancy cups that are suppose to keep water out of kids’ faces. But my son still hates to have his hair washed and fears water and soap getting into his eyes. Vermont Soap’s Unscented Baby Wash is very gentle. Gentle as it cleans, and gentle to little faces and eyes. Bath time has been stress free for my son since making the switch to Vermont Soap.  He no longer worries about getting soap into his eyes when I wash his hair. Vermont Soap rinses out easily and leaves him smelling like a clean little boy.

We also used the Lemongrass Zen foaming hand soap. What a great smelling soap! It’s bright and fresh and clean! This soap was able to wash off tree sap, finger paint, weeding soil, and more!

I recommend that you take a look at Vermont Soap Organic’s website. Ready about how and why they started their company (they have written some funny stories about their soap trials and experiments). Also read about exactly what soap is!

Vermont Soap Organics has many great soap products for you, your family, and even your pets! Are you ready to try make a positive change for your skin? Vermont Soap Organics is offering a 10% discount on your whole order! Thank you Vermont Soap Organics! To redeem your discount enter the code: TRYVERMONT10 at checkout. This code is good through May 31st! Start here, happy shopping!

Cleanly yours,


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  5. Besides their website, where can we buy this wonderful soap locally? In the health food stores, maybe? Natural Provisions?

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