Everyone want a cracker??

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

Let’s keep on snacking this week!

I prepare snacks a few times a day; for myself, my kids, and I pack them for my husband. We are committed to eating healthy and limiting the packaged foods with preservatives that we eat.  I  would like to introduce you to Castleton Crackers. Castleton Crackers fit into our life as a healthy tasty snack.  Castleton crackers use pure Vermont maple syrup (which you know we love!!) in place of refined sugar.

Whitney sent us crackers to sample. We really enjoyed the Windham Wheat crackers. They have a subtle taste and are a great vehicle for any topping.  The Putney Pumpkin crackers have pieces of cranberries, my favorite dried fruit.  The cranberries offer a bit of tartness to this sweet cracker.  Another sweet cracker is the Middlebury Maple.  Its not overly sweet, but is easily distinguishable as a maple cracker.  We wanted to play up the sweetness so we added a bit of jam to this snack.  There are lots of great Vermont cheeses to pair with the Rutland Rye crackers.  We enjoyed these crackers with cheese that we picked up at Shelburne Farms last week.  I opened the bag of Richmond Rosemary crackers today.  The scent of rosemary quickly filled the room.  I was a bit nervous that the woodsy herb would be too much for these crackers, but I can honestly say they are my favorite of the crackers we tried!  There is just enough rosemary to tease your taste buds and make you want more.

You can find Castleton Crackers in over 20 states, and hopefully in a store near you!

Whitney is happy to offer 2 bags of her artisan crackers to one lucky reader! Simple leave a comment below and let us know which flavors you would like to try. Our winner will be chosen at midnight on Sunday, April 29th. Good luck!

Happy healthy snacking!



20 thoughts on “Everyone want a cracker??

  1. The Putney Pumpkin sounds delightful, or the Windham Wheat since you can top that with just about anything. Honestly, they all sound wonderful.

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  3. Mmmm! Well since my taste buds water at the thought of maple(a true Vermonter!) , I would HAVE to try the Middlebury Maple! My seco d choice, after reading Honi’s experience, would be the Richmond Rosemary. Anything that fills the room with its flavor, I have got to try!!
    I sit here eating my Greek yogurt for breakfast and now all I have is crackers on the mind;).

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