Snack on this!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

I have a love love relationship with “bars”. Nut bars, cereal bars, protein bars, energy bars. I love them all! I love that they are portable, easy to enjoy anywhere (no tools required!), and that they are mostly healthy.

A few months ago I decided that I wouldn’t buy bars anymore. I was not happy with the ingredient lists and wanted to find something more wholesome. Then I decided I would attempt to make them on my own. I found a recipe, tried it, and was happy with it. But it wasn’t the same as the store bought bars that I love so much.

While researching Vermont made products for this blog a friend emailed me to share Garuka Bars. Founder Mike Rosenberg was stuck at home with an injury 2 years ago when he started making energy bars for himself. And as so many small businesses start, Mike’s started Garuka Bars after the urging of friends who loved his product.

Garuka Bars are made with 8 ingredients: Vermont raw honey, peanut butter, 7 whole-grain flakes, dried cranberries, brown rice puffs, light brown sugar, whole peanuts, and Cabot butter (just a bit).

We emailed Mike and asked him for more information about his bars and his company. He sent us the info that we needed, along with a Garuka bar to try. I told my son that I would share it with him. We cut the bar into 3 pieces. I was secretly hoping that he didn’t like it so I could have the third piece. Wishful thinking! He loved it and asked for a 2nd piece, leaving me with just one!

Garuka bars are nutty and have a great constancy. They are chewy and have chunks of dried cranberries (my favorite dried fruit!). The bar holds together well and doesn’t leave your hands sticky and messy. The best part… they are simple! They are made with wholesome, natural ingredients. Nothing artificial and no extra sugar or corn syrup.

I am excited that Mike is currently testing new flavors and ingredient combinations and will be offering limited batches of these great new bars this summer! Be sure to Like them on Facebook to stay up to date.

I highly suggest checking out the Garuka Bar website and ordering a box for your family today! (Save $1.00 per bar buying in bulk online!)

Want to snack on a Garuka bar RIGHT NOW? Or maybe next week? Enter to be one of 3 winners in our Garuka Bar giveaway! Details below!

Happy snacking!



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