A giveaway in celebration of Daisy’s birthday!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

I am really excited to share this company, product, and giveaway with you!

One Eco Tree (a St Albans company, founded by a good friend and former classmate of mine) has made a very special pet collar and tag in honor of our dog Daisy. Here is a little bit of information from Adria, the owner of One Eco Tree, about the start up of her business:

My dogs used to wear 4 id tags a piece, which was a nuisance in more ways than one.  They rubbed together making the writing rub off, they jingled when they walked and they clanged when they had even the smallest itch to scratch.  I needed a single tag that held all of their important information on it so we could all get some peace without compromising their safety.  After a considerable amount of research without finding anything remotely close to what I needed, I came to the conclusion that I had to create the perfect id tag myself!  Nearly four years later, OneEcoTree is the creator of the most detailed pet id tags in the world with hundreds of designs to chose from.  We also make collars, several different styles of harnesses and leashes that bring out your pet’s fashionista personality!

The dog tags are made out of aluminum; the images and information is fused onto the aluminum through a special process that permanently bonds the UV protectant ink to the aluminum and won’t rub off, fade, run, or scratch off during above normal usage.  They can absolutely be worn in the water and in other extreme weather conditions. Customers can have as little or as much information on the tags as they wish.  Printing is done on both sides of the tag.

Here are a few pictures of the collar and tag (to be personalized):

Collar sizes available:  Medium (12-19″), Large (15-24″) or XL (17-29″)

ID Tag Sizes: 1.25″, 1.5″ or 2″

Thank you to One Eco Tree for sponsoring this giveaway! Here are the details of this giveaway:



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