A bowl for anything and everything…. and a giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

Deborah from the Etsy.com shop Felted Bowls by Doybia has chosen one of her very special felted bowls to give away to a Try Vermont First reader!

Look at this beautiful bowl:

It is pure wool in hot pink, lime green and gold. Firmly felted. Suitable for holding anything from crystals to potpourri (with a plastic or glass liner). Approximate measurements: 5″ wide, 2 1/2″ tall.

I can imagine many uses for this bowl. At my house it might be used to hold hair clips, or jewelry. It could hold little bottles of perfume or lotions.

If you are in need of an “anything bowl”, or a great gift, check out Deborah’s collection of felted products in her shop.

Deborah and I would like to know what you would use this bowl for. Please leave a comment with your ideas and you will be entered into this giveaway. Our winner will be chosen at midnight on Monday, April 23rd.



11 thoughts on “A bowl for anything and everything…. and a giveaway!

  1. Wow, beautiful bowl. I would use it to store jewelry or my little heart rocks and other special treasures! Thanks for the post. I will check out the etsy store.

  2. This is an adorable bowl! I would probably display it where I am most of my days, in my home office, and store paper clips/post it notes etc in it!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I might use it on my desk to hold things like paperclips and rubberbands. Or maybe on my table to hold napkins.

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  5. I love the bright colors of this beautiful bowl. I would put my favorite jewelry pieces in here or maybe lotions etc. in our guest room to welcome our visitors to Vermont!
    -Jenny Sheehan

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