Happy Birthday Daisy!

Today is a special day… our golden retriever Daisy turns 9! It does not seem like that long ago we brought Daisy home, fought with her to not eat things like our couch, and spoiled the little fuzz ball (even letting her sleep on our bed!)!

Daisy has lived with us in 4 different houses. She has been our exercise and hunting partner. She was there when we brought both of our children home, and she now lets them climb all over her and pull her tail.

She is a good dog (even when her curiosity peaks and she runs off on a great adventure at 1AM). She is our first baby.

In honor of Daisy’s birthday I am giving away a great Vermont made product for your pet! This giveaway will start tomorrow. If you follow our blog (hint hint) we will send you an email with giveaway details tomorrow.

And Happy Birthday Daisy!



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daisy!

  1. Happy Birthday to Daisy! You should’ve put a picture of her “smiling’ on 🙂 My little pup will be 5 this November and I think that is crazy!

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