Croutons: no salad necessary!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

Recently I contacted Francie (Olivia’s Mom) at Olivia’s Croutons, based in New Haven, VT.  Francie was happy to offer her product to be sampled and her support for this new blog.  She sent a case of mixed croutons to my house and I have been munching on them ever since.

Croutons are not just for salad anymore. They are sitting on my counter and just looking at them makes my mouth water. I have lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and more in my refrigerator.  But honestly, the croutons are so good that I am just going to sit here and eat them without the salad.

My family loves salad.  My 3 year old loves to pile as many different vegetables into his salad as he can.  I like to add sweet ingredients to my salad such as maple almond slivers or pineapple.  I do have one rule about my salad:  It must have croutons!  Not only that, but it must have good croutons.  Croutons should not be overly salted or as hard as a rock.  I want them to compliment my salad, not make it hard to eat.

(I once added goldfish to the top of my salad because I really wanted a crunch and we were out of croutons.  I do not recommend trying this, the whole salad was ruined by the cheddar fish.)

Olivia’s croutons deliver the perfect crunch to the top of a salad. They are crunchy without being overcooked or hard. Olivia’s croutons are seasoned perfectly. We tried 4 flavors: Butter & Garlic, Parmesan Pepper, Multigrain with Garlic, and Garlic & Herb .  I ate almost all of the Butter & Herb without salad.  I will admit that while writing this post I had to take a crouton break. Not a break from writing about croutons, but a break to eat Olivia’s Croutons! Each of Olivia’s Croutons is packed with deep flavors. You will taste the pepper and garlic. You will appreciate the quality bread that is used.

On each box of Olivia’s Croutons you can read about the ingredients they will not use such as added sugar, colorings, and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Why would they? You don’t need sugar, color, or mystery ingredients on your salad of fresh and healthy vegetables.

I encourage you to try Olivia’s Croutons for yourself. Enjoy snacking on them or on your salad. Chances are that you will enjoy them both ways!

Great news for you…. Olivia’s Croutons wants you to try their tasty croutons too! One random reader will be chosen to receive a case of croutons! Lucky you!  Our winner will be chosen on Friday, April 13th at midnight. Enter below. Good luck!




5 thoughts on “Croutons: no salad necessary!

  1. I was the winner of “Olivia’s Croutons” giveaway! I received them in the mail yesterday and opened them immediately! Yum! They are everything you said and more! Thanks to “Try Vermont First” and “Olivia’s Crouton” for introducing these to me!

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