I’m a little obsessed.

I am a little obsessed with Greek yogurt.

It was my mom who introduced me to Greek yogurt.  She uses plain or vanilla flavored Greek yogurt for smoothies.

Greek yogurt, by definition, has been further strained than traditional yogurt.  This makes Greek yogurt thicker and gives it a higher protein content.

A friend who knew my plans for this blog emailed me to say “You should try Green Mountain Creamery’s Greek yogurt.  It’s great and it costs less than Chobani.”

I contacted Green Mountain Creamery and they graciously sent me their Greek yogurt in two flavors: strawberry and maple.

When our chilled box from Green Mountain Creamery arrived my son was very excited!  He asked if he could try a maple Greek yogurt after his dinner.  The whole family shared this first taste.  Maple is not a flavor that I usually buy, so I was anxious to try it.

YUM!  We all enjoyed this maple Greek yogurt.  I would describe it as delicately sweet (ie: not overly sweet).  It was thick and smooth.  I think that I would eat it as not only a breakfast or snack item, but as a dessert.  Maybe with mini chocolate chips on top.  The possibilities are endless!

Everyone in the family has tried Green Mountain Creamery’s strawberry Greek yogurt as well.  It’s perfect. It really is!  The strawberries are sweet, the yogurt is a bit tart and mixed together they make a wonderfully delightful yogurt.

I can officially say that I have made the change, and will now only buy Green Mountain Creamery’s Greek yogurt.  I am happy to support this local company, and therefore local farms.  They make a high quality product with high quality ingredients.  They leave out unnecessary sweeteners and preservatives.  I am glad they can feed my obsession for Greek yogurt!  I found Green Mountain Creamery yogurt at my Shaw’s grocery store. As my friend told me, it is cheaper than the popular ChoBani brand.  My Shaw’s was almost sold out and I view that as a good sign!  To find stores in your area that carry Green Mountain Creamery yogurt visit their website here.




6 thoughts on “I’m a little obsessed.

  1. Green Mountain Creamery Greek yogurt is THE best, especially the Maple flavor. YUM!!! I too discovered it only recently at my local Shaw’s and now I’m hooked.

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  3. We always use this kind of Greek yogurt Green Mtn Creamery is our go-to brand, we buy it at the Coop- we buy it plain and drizzle maple syrup in it. The whole family loves it!

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