Quick reviews

This weekend the kids and I went to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. We had been talking about donuts for a few days, and this is a great place to get cider donuts. We were looking for a few gifts. And I wanted to stock up on great Vermont – made products to try and review.

I am always happily surprised to see how many Vermont made products the Cider Mill carries. There are rows and rows of sauces, jams, crackers, chips, mixes, and more. They also have a few free samples to test (which led to us bringing home a few extra items).

On this trip we came home with the following:

Salsa from Andy’s Salsa in Waterbury, VT

We opened and enjoyed the salsa right away. I love salsa. My husband loves salsa. Our 3 year old loves salsa. We almost always have a jar of salsa in the house, ready and waiting.

I liked Andy’s Salsa a lot! It was really smooth and thick, had a great fresh taste, and it had spice! It was not labeled as “mild, medium, or hot” as salsa’s normally are. I would give it a “medium” rating. It was too hot for our 3 year old,  but I enjoyed the extra spice.

Here is the ingredient list for Andy’s Salsa: Tomatoes, Onions, Olives, Cherry Peppers, Seasonings

Pretty straight forward, and really tasty! Two thumbs up for Andy!

Maple Cookie Buttons from Vermont Common Foods in North Clarendon, VT

We brought the Button Cookies to a friend’s house so lots of us could enjoy them. These bite size cookies are really delicious! We chose the maple flavor and the maple was easy to distinguish without being overly sweet. We don’t often have cookies in our house, but if I need cookies for an event or get – together, I will certainly buy Cookie Buttons again, and I will try more flavors, they make 6 flavors and I want to try them all! Yum!

Maple candy from D&D Sugarwoods Farm in Glover, VT

We went out to dinner at local restaurant this weekend. This is a popular, classy, very nice establishment. Inside my husband’s jacket pocket was the maple candy from D&D I had bought. He and our son shared it and loved it. I’m sure they enjoyed it more than any dessert on the menu.

Strawberry jam from Side Hill Farm in Brattleboro, VT

I love SideHill Farm jam. I am attracted to it because it’s so cute! I would like to be the one to put the cute fabric on the top of each jar. I love how the color of the fabric matches the flavor of the jam inside.  The jar is sweet and tiny. I could think of 100 things I could reuse the jar for. Clearly, these aren’t reasons enough to buy this jam, but they help!

The jam is pretty much perfect. What you buy is what you get. Strawberry jam tastes like the sweetest June strawberries, ripe for the picking. It’s lick the knife good. My one year old daughter enjoyed SideHill’s jam today on homemade bread right before dinner. It’s that good. Spoil your dinner with this jam!

My review on our bbq “meat treat”, as my son called it, from VT Smoke and Cure in Barre, VT will be up another day. It’s still waiting for the right snack time.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you are encouraged to try some of the products listed above!



One thought on “Quick reviews

  1. We too discovered Andy’s salsa which I purchased at Settlement Farm for My Andy’s 1st Birthday party. There is also an Andy’s BBQ sauce equally delicious!

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