Because I’m a hometown girl…

I want my first product review to be for a product that I know, trust, and one that is from my hometown!

Bag Balm originated as a healing oinment for animals, specifically for the udders of dairy cows.  However, in most Vermont families, Bag Balm is used more on people than on animals.

My family always had Bag Balm in the house, usually one tin in every bathroom.  Still today I keep a tin of Bag Balm in each bathroom at my house. We use it on chapped lips and winter cracked skin. I have used it to soothe my baby’s dry skin and teethed-on hands. I have heard my husband say “just put Bag Balm on it” countless times.

And it works! Just a bit goes a long way and your tin will last (nearly) forever.

Bag Balm has graciously sent me a 1oz tin to give to a random commentor. Thank you Bag Balm! Please send a comment to tell me what you use Bag Balm for or why you would like to try Bag Balm. Comment twice and let me know if you follow this blog….that gains you an extra entry! This giveaway ends on Thursday, April 5th at midnight.


8 thoughts on “Because I’m a hometown girl…

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  2. Great for EVERYTHING!!!! I swear by Bag Balm to cure just about anything and everything from dry hands to diaper rash to nursing relief. SUCH a fantastic product & hard to find in the cities!

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  4. it’s medicine for any skin problem, will rid skin of an infection and will remove ground in dirt or oil from hands, also great for ruff heels!

  5. I’m following your blog to learn more about what great products VT has to offer. I love to support the local economy! Thank you for starting this blog!

  6. My husband heard of Bag Balm from a friend while we lived in MI (we just moved to VT this past summer). He was complaining of dry, cracked hands one winter and his buddy told him he had to try Bag Balm. So after some hunting for the product, we found it and we both began using it on our hands. I’ve also found that using it while nursing was helpful, and on my cracked heels in the summer to make my feet look presentable in sandals.

  7. I am also from Lyndon, and remember well passing the Bag Balm sign and factory regularly! As an adult, and having had two babies, I wish I had remembered this very local product for all of it’s great uses. I look forward to trying it again soon!

  8. I love bag balm! I also grew up with a tin in every bathroom and we used it for everything. I still use it on my lips but the best use is as an antiseptic ointment on my pets’ small cuts -so inexpensive and versatile!

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