Vermont Stocking Stuffers Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays!


Filling stockings is Santa’s favorite job. It always has been because his Mom always helped to make his own stocking so special . If you want to share a few stocking stuffer ideas with Santa please share this blog post with him!


Find twelve great stocking stuffer ideas below with links to purchase each!


Rich Frog has a great collection of soft, cuddly and fun toys for the babies and kids on your list.

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Alaina’s Mosaics has a large variety of cards, tote bags, and shirts. She also has an adorable Animal A-Z book for children.

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Lotus and Lily brings fun and excitement to bath time! They also have a variety of lotions, lip balms, salves, and more.


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Fat Toad Farm will bring just the right amount of sweetness to your holiday. Great for baking, sharing, or eating by the spoonful!

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VT Smoke and Cure is at the top of this Santa’s list. My son has asked for 16 Real Sticks. He’ll need this healthy snack as he tackles the gifts under the tree.

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Chickens A-Z by Vermont author Sarah Rosedahl is perfect for the chicken enthusiast on your list! Kids love this book too! Cluck Cluck!

IMG_0831 IMG_0834

Sarita’s Bagitas are as practical as they are fun! These handy bags are great for school snacks and lunches, or to pack when on the road this holiday.

Vermont-Village-Applesauce-Logo apple_un

Vermont Village Applesauce is a pantry must and also a great addition to Christmas breakfast. Try their cranberry applesauce!

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Lake Island Girl makes these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments from green, blue, white (and more) colors of sea glass, much from the shores of Lake Champlain!


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Tiny Gang Designs has kept me laughing this holiday season. Their fun and witty cards are sure to delight!

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Honestly Simple Soaps will help keep your lips and skin hydrated, happy, and smelling great this winter. Their lip balms easily fit into any size stocking.


logo photo_4

Vermont Maple Granola offers both granola and trail mix sweetened with VT’s finest maple syrup. Serve hot or cold, with or without yogurt!


There you have it – Vermont’s finest stocking stuffers. This Santa will be sending these gifts this year, and I hope to find them in my own stocking too.

You can WIN a gift from each of the companies above in our Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!


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Good luck. Happy (local) shopping and happiest holiday wishes to you!





PS: Love you Mom! ;)

ShopVT Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our 36 fabulous ShopVT Giveaways. We are thrilled to announce winners today.


Before the winners are announced I would also like to thank Nissa Sutphen and her team at the Burlington VT Mom’s Blog. They are wonderful to work with. I encourage you to go to one of their very fun events, and of course follow their blog.

Both Nissa and I would like to thank our sponsors: Vermont Harvest, Best of Vermont, Topnotch Resort and Spa, Localvore Today and Mix 102.3. These sponsors have helped make ShopVT a reality.


To our participating businesses, authors, artists: THANK YOU! We are very happy to showcase your products and work.

Please remember the impact of spending your holiday dollars locally!


Now… on to the winners:

Gifts That Give Back (Handle With Love, JewelryOs, VT Chocolate For Change): Jennifer Knowles

Gifts To Stay Active (CCOutdoor Store, Skida, Bolton Valley): Josilyn Adams

GiftsTo Stay Active (Petra Cliffs, Evolution): Heather Ogelby

Gifts To Send (Best of Vermont, Cold Hollow Cider Mill): Connie Godin

Gifts For Host/Hostess (Alaina’s Mosaics, Wild Wood VT): Stefanie Gray

Gifts For Host/Hostess (Time Out For Whoopie, Ariel’s Honey): Rosie K.

Gifts For Expectant Moms/Families (Earthy Soul, Poe Wovens): ShawnnaLea Young Zemanek

Gifts For Expectant Moms/Families(Chunky Love, Bitybean): Michelle M.

Go Choose Your Gifts (Kids City, Apple Mtn, Touch of VT): Rachael Karp Lizotte

Go Choose Your Gifts (Stella Mae, Localvore, Aristelle): Meredith Ray

Gifts For Kids (Turner Toys, Mister Chris): Kayla Tornello

Gifts For Kids (Meet The Multiples, Michael Fedison): Kara Woodard

The Makings For a Perfect Holiday Party (Tala Taste of Persia, Cookedoodlez): Mattie Pontecorvo

The Makings For a Perfect Holiday Party (Squirrel Stash Nuts, Green Mtn Mini Baked): Christina Daudelin Deeley

Gifts Just For You (Wildflower Inn): Patty Frechette

Gifts Just For You (Topnotch Resort and Spa): Kiersten Hallquist

Gift of Photography (Zinfandel): Brianna Howard
Gift of Photography (Mae Memories): Jamie Slater

Gift For The Lover of Local Restaurants (Eco Bean): MacKenzie Jur
Gift For The Lover of Local Restaurants (New Moon): Robin Miller

 Gift For The Lover of Local Restaurants (Skinny Pancake): Katie Pensak
Gifts That Pamper (Salon Cruz): Michelle Rousseau
Gifts That Pamper (Bare): Nikki Coast
Gifts That Pamper (Mini Spa): Jennifer ParDue
Gifts That Pamper (Essex Resort and Spa): Emily Leader

Gifts From The NEK (Circus Smirkus): Maria Jackson
Gifts From The NEK (Stepping Stones Spa): Kerrin Kritchman
Gifts From The NEK (NorthPole Express): Heather McLane

Gifts That Have Style (Alloy Jewelry, Beatriz Jarvis Make Up Artist): Erin Baslow

Gifts That Have Style (Bella Mink, Minou Kids): Beatriz Bryan Jarvis
Gifts That Have Style (Lake Island Girl): Darby Mayville
Gifts For The Sweet Tooth (Good Comida): Katie Wiseman
Gifts For The Sweet Tooth (Snowflake Cupcakes): Donna R.
Gifts For The Cook (Gringo Jack’s): Eyvonne Marceau
Gifts For The Cook (Vermont Harvest): Betsy Mohler Combs
Gifts For The Cook (Chef Contos): Lauren Driscoll

 CONGRATULATIONS! We are so happy to share these amazing Vermont products, services, art and more with you!
Happy Holidays,
Honi Bean Barrett & Nissa Sutphen

ShopVT2014 – Your Local Shopping Guide & Giveaways

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Shop VT is back for the second year to showcase amazing Vermont products, services, art work, jewelry, nonprofits and more! We are once again collaborating with the Burlington VT Mom’s Blog. Together we have 35+ giveaways to share with you, from 55+ local businesses! The total prize value is over $4,300! You will also find dozens of coupon codes designed just for this event.


We believe that it’s important to spend our holiday shopping dollars in our great state. There are fabulous products being made, there are wonderful stores and restaurants to visit, and we want to support our neighbors and our state. Within our sixteen categories you are sure to find a gift, or two or three, for each person you are buying for. You are likely to find items to add to your own wish list too!


I would like to thank the sponsors of ShopVT2014: Localvore Today, Mix 102.3, Topnotch Resort, Vermont Harvest and Best of Vermont. Thank you for your commitment to Vermont businesses and bloggers!


Not in Vermont? Don’t worry… you can still win many of our great giveaways! We know that love for Vermont spreads far and wide.


Without further ado… please enjoy Shop VT 2014!


Best, best, best!




Tiny Gang Giveaway


Tiny Gang Designs opened in May of this year but started with a promise made long ago between two friends in sixth grade. Stephanie Farrell and Katie Wilhite made a vow to one day open a shop to share their doodles and drawings with the world.


I asked Katie where their shop name came from and she shared this: “The name Tiny Gang Designs reflects just the two of us hanging out, doing what we love to do and having fun while we do it! We hang out like a little gang and draw and design (while listening to Beyonce most of the time). We’re a little weird, a little quirky and a little silly – which we try to showcase in our cards.”


I really love sending and receiving mail, and I encourage my children to send mail to friends, grandparents, great grandparents, and cousins. Tiny Gang cards are exceptionally simple, and very eye catching. Their playfulness, fun fonts, and colorful drawings bring smiles!


Katie tells us that their “Whale, Whale, Whale” card is one of the best sellers. Her personal favorite is “You’re A Real Gem“. Check out one of my favorites here.


Who would you like to send a card to? And for what occasion? I like to send “Thinking of You” cards, because I so often am thinking of those that I love who I can not see everyday. I want them to know they are on my mind. Sending them a Tiny Gang card will be like sending a hug.


Stephanie and Katie would like to send YOU cards that you can send and share. Simply ENTER HERE TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY:
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Remember to LIKE Tiny Gang Designs on Facebook!

Send a smile,


Sarita’s Bagitas Giveaway

Sarita Baker has been making re-useable bags for her children for years. Upon visiting her children’s school and seeing a great amount of plastic bag waste, she decided to start her business: Sarita’s Bagitas.


Her business mission is simple: “To reduce our carbon footprint on the earth by eliminating plastic bags.”


We pack snacks everyday. Snacks for school, snacks for after dance class, snacks for long car rides. Sometimes I look at our snacks and they look more like mini meals. It’s been great to pack a Bagita for each kid. The bags are big enough to hold a few things: fruit, crackers, cereal, nuts, and more!


Each bag is 7×7 inches. They are made with 100% cotton and lined with nylon which is washes easily. The entire opening can be closed with a single velcro strip. The strip is sturdy enough to stay completely closed, yet can be opened easily by both of my young children. Each bag is BPA free and Phthalates free.


Each bag also has a name tag. This is the first time that I have seen this unique feature… and I like it!


I shared bags with my friend Aubrey and when I gave them to her she first remarked about how much she liked the fabric and then said “Nametag? Genius!”. Here is her review of Sarita’s Bagitas: “My daughter packs snack in these every morning and we love them! It’s great to have found an alternative to disposable plastic baggies and the fabrics are super cute too! The directions said to just shake out crumbs b/w uses and this works great (we haven’t had to launder them yet). I would recommend picking up a few if you haven’t already!”


Here is my favorite fabric. It’s bold, it’s fun, it’s eye catching!


Another friend, Kelly, shares her review of Sarita’s Bagitas: “The Bagitas snack bag has been perfect for keeping the assortment of little snacks I always take with us on-the-go together. Instead of loose raisin boxes and cheese sticks disappearing in my bag, all of our food is contained and easy to grab. Plus, the colors and patterns are really fun too!”


I could list 100 things that you can use Sarita’s Bagitas for. I’ll start with ten:


*School snacks and lunches
*Breakfast in the car
*Picnic in the park
*Play date with a friend
*Pine-cone collecting (no one said they were just for food!)
*Sneaking snacks into a movie theater
*Healthy snacks before ice cream treats
*Snacks for the football game
*Puzzle pieces
*Trail mix



To care for these products simple wipe them clean. Making the change from using many plastic bags everyday to using one (or more) of Sarita’s Bagitas can be a very easy change, and though the change is small the impact is large!
You can find Sarita’s Bagitas at Healthy Living, South Burlington, VT and Saratoga, NY, Natural Provisions Market, Williston, VT, Lantman’s, Hinesburg, VT, Richmond Market, Richmond, VT, Shelburne Supermarket, Shelburne, VT, City Market, Burlington, VT, Vermont HoneyLights, Bristol, VT, Naturally Grown, Troy, NY, Rutland Natural Foods Coop,  Rutland, VT, Myer’s Bagel Bakery, Burlington, VT. I recommend requesting Bagitas at your local Coop, food store, kitchen supply store.

Would you like to win a 6 pack of Sarita’s Bagitas which includes 2 mini Bagitas?



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Go Earth!

Jewelry O’s Giveaway


The Jewelry O’s Collection is a Vermont non-profit based in Norwich at, The Family Place. The Family Place hosts playgroups and offers parent education and support in a variety of ways.. including the Jewelry O’s program for young women.


Read more about this exceptional program: “JewelryOs™ necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are handcrafted by the young women in our Families Learning Together program who are working hard to overcome the disadvantages that have thus far defined their lives.  At The Family Place they find the support and the resources they need to graduate high school, start college, learn to be proactive parents, find and maintain employment, manage money, find housing, get a driver’s license – the list is as long as they need it to be. One of the regular work sites of the FLT program is the JewelryOs™ studio. Accomplished jeweler Julia Dickenson teaches the women both the art of jewelry making and the art of small business management. The women take pride in the stunning products they create in the studio, and they take even more pride in earning money towards the program that helps them improve their lives and the lives of their children.”


Julia Dickenson, supervisor of the Jewelry O’s program, sent me a Crazy Crochet Necklace in earth tones. The necklace starts with silk and is adorned with glass beads and natural stones. The finishing touch on the necklace is the signature Jewelry O charm placed near the clasp. I love this beautiful piece of art. It’s colorful, it’s eye catching, and it’s fun. The necklace alone can dress up any outfit. I appreciate the time and skill that went into selecting each bead and crafting this necklace.



The Jewelry O’s team can make a custom necklace for you and also offers bridal sets. Visit their Etsy shop to see the full color range of necklaces.


These young women are making a lot of jewelry! Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more! Find their products here. ALL proceeds from sales go directly back to this program to support Vermonters. Think of Jewelry O’s the next time you need a gift…. you’ll be giving a lovely gift and giving back!


I am so happy to host a giveaway for a custom necklace from Jewelry O’s! They appreciate your Facebook LIKE too!

ENTER HERE to win this giveaway:
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Pay It Forward,



Juma’s Joy Giveaway For Pets



Meet Indie, the newest member of our family. She is almost 10 puppy months old and loves to P.L.A.Y! She’s pretty cute too, right?


Indie, and our older pup Daisy, are happy to share their reviews for Juma’s Joy. Juma’s joy comes from the toys that her owner Sara Chard makes from the heart. Playful toys made to last.


Our dogs are always happy to get new toys. While Indie likes to be wild and crazy with her new toys, Daisy would like to bring them to her bed and cuddle with them. You can see from the picture above that Indie snagged all of the new toys and is hoarding them.


Sara makes a variety of braided rope toys designed to be more gentle on dog’s teeth. They make for great tug tsoy, especially for two dogs. Indie has been known to take her toy and toss it up in the air and play a game of catch with it by herself.



Sara also knits cat toys and fills them with catnip. I don’t have a cat so I shared this toy with my friend Emily. Here are her thoughts: “I’m upstairs and I hear all this thumping and bumping. Hmmmm then I realize its my cat Lilly ( a respectable 12 years old lazy lady).  She rarely plays this much. All honesty I thought she might be having a seizure.  Great toy big thanks for sharing!”



WIN your favorite pet a new toy from Juma’s Joy! We will choose two winners and each can choose two items!



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Good luck… now go PLAY with your pet,


Boysenberry Giveaway

From the fashion houses in Paris to her own home in Rochester, Beth Frock from Boysenberry, has been designing clothes for the last 20+ years. Her first job was creating ballet and dance costumes. She has spent time designing everything from coats to swimwear to Halloween costumes!



While pregnant with her daughter, Beth found it frustrating that most baby clothes were gender specific and because she did not know whether she was having a boy or a girl she started to make colorful clothes that could work for either. Her current line of clothes is bright and she creates playful color combinations.

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Beth shares more information about the start up of her business: “My business started as a home based shop making to order whatever anyone asked for. Fleece was the new rage here then, although not so well known to me. Because of customer demand I started working with fleece fabrics. Having lost my job to “made in China”,  I was so happy to find that the best source of the best quality fleece was made in USA in nearby Massachusetts: at that time called Malden Mills, where fleece was invented.  I began my love affair with their fabrics. Now called Polartec®, the fabrics they produce continue to be premium quality, durable and long lasting, easy care wash and dry and resist pilling wash after wash, and needless to say maybe: colorful!”


Beth has now opened a store which is located in Rochester at 61 North Main Street, in the same building as the Rochester Cafe. You can make an order online anytime at

I was thrilled to receive this lime green fleece vest from Boysenberry. I like to be warm, and like to have my neck covered, so a vest is perfect for me. This vest is very soft, fits well and is a lovely color. I think that I would like to get one in every color.


Meet sweet baby Rosemary. She is ready for the snow to fly! She will stay warm this winter in this fleece hat in a salmon color. I really like the pattern on this hat, as well as the time that Beth has taken add stitching details and an under-neck closure (a must with babies!).





How will you stay warm this fall and winter? With Boysenberry of course! The winner of our Boysenberry Giveaway will have a choice of any hat on their website.

Flock of hatscache_240_240_0_100_80_Teal and blue velcro hat

CLICK here to ENTER this giveaway:


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Good luck, and stay warm!
~Honi & Rosemary


Lotus and Lily Giveaway


The creation of Lotus and Lily was out of one family’s need and one mother’s determination. Owner Marcie Taff set out to make high quality and all natural products for her children who have allergies and chemical sensitivities. After Marcie’s friends and family asked her for products she saw a market and started selling her products online and locally.


My family was first introduced to Lotus and Lily by my sister in law, who found these fun soaps at her local health food store. My niece and nephew loved their new and fun soap and wanted to get these soaps to share with their cousins. My son has been scrubbing extra hard to find the hidden toy inside his bar of soap. This idea of hidden toys is a favorite of Marcie’s son, Finnigan too. What a great concept!



Here is more information about Lotus and Lily soaps, from Marcie: “Lotus and Lily’s mission is to produce All Natural/Organic Products that are locally sourced when available, Hand Made in Small Batches, contain No Parabens, NO Artificial Colors or Flavors, NO SLS, are safe and beneficial for your family.  Our products contain Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, which are the volatile liquids distilled from plants. They are Nature’s Medicine. We use them in our lives every day as a family and in our products to share the amazing healing benefits with you. The baby products are skin friendly, made for sensitive baby skin. Includes a Sensitive Skin Soak for bath time made from Oat Powder, Lavender, Rose, Calendula Flowers, Dead Sea Salts. Calendula,Rose, Lavender Infused Massage Oil. Calendula Healing Salve for rough skin, excema, cradle cap, diaper rash, boo boo’s and more.”




My beautifully fair skinned cousin Jessica tried Lotus and Lily’s Sunburn Soother for me and here is her review: “I did use the sunburn so other and I love it! It is cool without being cold (like the green aloe gel), it is much easier to put on yourself especially your back, It smells great. I don’t think the cooling sensation lasts quite as long as the gel but all the other plusses more than make up for that one thing! Thanks for letting me try this out”

IMG_9327 IMG_9328

Jessica also used the Sweet Dreams Bath Soak for her twin girls who are 3.5 years old. She writes: “It smelled amazing and seemed to relax the girls I bet it works wonders with real little ones.”



My friend Talitha is a massage therapist. She is also a mom of three young children. She offered to use the Massage bar from Lotus and Lily on her daughter who started school last month and had a hard time getting to sleep. Here are her thoughts: “I used the massage bar on Mayla’s back last night and it was great. Lovely scent, and a perfect glide/friction ratio for massage. She asked for it again tonight and it really helps her turn off her brain… sleep has been tricky this week despite being exhausted.”


I have a Super Hero at my house. He is six and he just started first grade. It takes a lot out of a child to be their perfect little self all day. I love the idea of a Super Hero spray that uses essential oils including lemon and lavender to help keep kids calm and enjoying their day.


Check out the Lotus and Lily Etsy shop and surprise your kids with new fun soap! Get a puzzle soap kit and give one color to each child in your family.


ENTER here to win a Kid’s Wellness Kit from Lotus and Lily!

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Good luck!