Back to School Giveaway 2014

One of my favorite things about living in Vermont is the constant change. Change in seasons, time, and life. Summer in Vermont is lovely, and it ends all too soon! In just a few short weeks, or days for some, children will be starting a new season, a new school year. To celebrate the back to school season we are hosting our second annual “Back to School” Giveaway.


We thank each company for being part of this giveaway and we ask that you like/follow them on social media and keep them in mind when you need a gift, a snack, or a unique Vermont product. Take a look at the great prizes in this giveaway:



Meet The Multiples will send our winners a set of their educational dinner plates. My children really enjoy learning how to skip count (and multiply) while enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meet the Multiples is also working with families, PTOs, and schools to put their products into cafeterias around the state and beyond. LIKE Meet The Multiples on Facebook and learn more about these products here.

VSC logo TM BW


My son was recently asked what he likes me to pack for him in his lunchbox and he responded “meat sticks!”. We stock up each week and have them ready to pack, ready to go, and ready to snack on. Vermont Smoke and Cure will send each winner a box of RealSticks. Like Vermont Smoke and Cure on Facebook and learn more about their products here.



Did you know that Alaina’s Mosaics was started by a young Vermont entrepreneur at the age of 13? She has turned her colorful mixed media collages into cards (use as a first week of school thank you to the teacher!) and also an ABC book, which is very inspiring to young artists. Win a copy of Alaina’s book in this giveaway! LIKE Alaina’s Mosaics on Facebook and learn more about her business here.




Kids need a lot of supplies and gear when they head back to school. Find all the things on y our list at Kids City in South Burlington. They are sure to have everything that you need including nap mats, lunch bags, back packs, food storage, reusable bags, shoes, rain-wear and more! Kid City will send each winner a $50 gift card! LIKE Kid City on Facebook!



Here is a pantry must – a few jars of your favorite jam from Marsh Hollow. Top your favorite bakery bread or breakfast French toast with a Blueberry Almond Jam (each winner will receive a jar!). Or use a delicious jam as a base for your dinner marinade or dressing. LIKE Marsh Hollow on Facebook and learn more about this Central VT company here.



Win a beautiful, hand made bar of soap named Unicorn Poop (insert non stop giggles from my six year old) from Sapling Naturals. These soaps smell great, clean amazingly, and are really fun for kids (and adults!). LIKE Sapling Naturals on Facebook and learn more about this company right here.



At any given time it’s likely that you will find Vermont Village Applesauce in my pantry or fridge. It is the only store bought applesauce I will buy for my kids. It’s thick and delicious and comes in six flavors. When doing your back to school grocery shopping make sure to get Vermont Village Applesauce. LIKE Vermont Village Applesauce on Facebook! Learn more about Vermont Village Applesauce here.




Bug and Bot offers a large selection of personalized gifts for the kids you love- lunch boxes, water bottles, puzzles and more! Both of our Back to School Giveaway winners will receive a personalized lunchbox from Bug and Bot. LIKE Bug and Bot on Facebook and learn more about this playful company here.



Fall at CC Outdoor Store


The CC Outdoor Store in Waterbury, VT is the place to go for your outdoor gear needs and they carry a great selection of backpacks too! Our winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate towards a new backpack.. LIKE CC Outdoor Store on Facebook and stay tuned to Try Vermont First to learn more about this company.



It would be great to have a sweet treat from Time Out For Whoopie to celebrate your child’s first week back at school. Or enjoy your dozen mini traditional whoopie pies yourself in celebration of your child’s first week back at school! LIKE Time Out For Whoopie on Facebook and learn more about this sweet company here.



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Best of luck, with the school year ahead, and this giveaway!




Chocolate Hollow Giveaway


I would like to make your day a little bit sweeter, with a twist.


Chocolate Hollow, based in Burlington, is making luxurious vegan chocolate bars. Owner  Madeleine Siegel began making her own chocolate after her parents gave her a cacao stone grinder as a gift. She started experimenting with making Schmilk bars – vegan milk chocolate bars – and currently is producing seven different bars, with more in the works.


This vegan, organic chocolate bar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. I blindly taste tested this bar and would not have been able to tell you that it was dairy free.

I shared it with my friend Jill and here are her thoughts: “Not being a big chocolate bar fan, I wasn’t sure how I was going to really like this. On top of it all it being a Vegan chocolate. Let me just say it totally surprised me! I thought it was so yummy. It tasted just like milk chocolate. You wouldn’t know that there wasn’t any milk in it. It was very creamy, with the perfect cocoa taste. I even saved a piece for Mom to try and she said she gives it a thumbs up. I would defiantly sit down and eat this chocolate bar anytime.“.



Look at how loaded this chocolate bar is! This Hazelnut bar is a Schmilk style chocolate with lightly toasted hazelnuts. I ate this bar first and will admit that it was gone very shortly after I started it. It was very rich and addicting.


If you enjoy hazelnut as much as I do I would like to recommend that you try this Hazelnut Truffle Log ASAP! It is amazing! I cut mine into bite size pieces and limited myself to one a day, because I wanted to make it last. The inside of this bar is filled with a hazelnut gianduja, which means it is creamy, thick, and a bit like fudge. This happens to be Madeleine’s best selling bar.



The Fruit and Nut bar was another favorite bar of mine. It was loaded with chewy dried cherries and crunchy toasted almonds. I enjoyed the different textures set in Schmilk chocolate.


Though I seem to have no photos of it, but friend Hannah wants to tell you about the Toffee Crunch bar.

“Chocolate Hollow’s Toffee Crunch is a Beautifully balanced smooth and creamy chocolate with a delightful crunch of light and buttery toffee.  Delicious! A locally made, vegan chocolate that is organic and fair trade certified, means this is an  indulgence to feel good about!” -Hannah


You can find Chocolate Hollow products at City Market, New Moon Café, Natural Provisions, Sweet Clover Market, UVM at Henderson’s Café, Top of the Block Sandwich Shoppe, the Peace and Justice Center, Pingala Café, Evolution Yoga, and online.


Madeleine would like you to try her wonderful chocolate bars. She is giving away a deluxe variety pack with one of each of her 7 bars. We will choose one lucky winner and you MUST enter HERE to WIN:

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Show your support for this growing VT business and LIKE Chocolate Hollow on Facebook.




Time Out for a Giveaway!

Get ready to wish that you had a virtual computer screen that allowed you take the amazing desserts you will now see and eat them immediately. I can’t create this magic for you, but I can offer you a great giveaway with Time Out For Whoopie. This is our second time hosting a giveaway with Shannon Kadish, owner of Time Out For Whoopie. We are always happy to taste test her new flavors and to share them with you. Read more about Shannon’s start up here.


First I want to tell you where you can find Time Out For Whoopie (pies!). Look for them at the Cat Pause convenience store in the UVM Davis Center, Apple Farm Market in South Hero, and occasionally on the menu at the Blue Paddle Bistro in South Hero. Of course you can also buy them directly from Shannon’s website as well and there you will see the full list of different pies she makes.


Let’s start with the clear favorite in our house: Chocolate Cherry Whoopie Pies. This sweet little pie taste JUST like a cherry cordial candy. The cake is filled with different textures: the soft cake, the chewy cherries and crunchy mini chocolate chips. Yum, everyone wanted another cherry pie!



This sweet little S’mores Whoopie Pie has a surprise inside that caught me off guard.  The trio of graham cracker cakes, marshmallow filling and Hershey’s chocolate will take you to your favorite summer campfire memories. This cake is so creative and would make a perfect end of summer/back to school treat.


My three year old daughter and I both tried the Coconut Whoopie Pie first and were happy with our choice. The filling is so smooth and there is a perfect balance of cake and filling.


When in Vermont…..

Here is a classic Vermont whoopie pie: Maple Walnut. Shannon uses maple syrup from Poor Farm Sugarworks in Colchester in both the cake and the filling. It’s a double maple blast. This will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Alert the maple festivals… they should all have these treats!


Peanut butter and chocolate go so very well together. This cake was rich and moist (did I remember that it was Gluten Free? No, I didn’t!). The filling had a deep peanut butter flavor. One little pie was completely satisfying. Note: Have Milk!


I sent whoopie pies to my friend Barb to try too. Here is her review:

“Some of the best whoopie pies I have ever had!  Gluten free chocolate with peanut butter filling was my favorite whoopie pie.  I would have never known it was gluten free.  The maple walnut whoopie pie was a treat.  Maple wasn’t too sweet and the walnuts added a nice texture.  The chocolate in the s’more whoopie pie tasted just like a Hersey chocolate bar and I loved that it was slightly hard. Just like the s’mores I make because I don’t have the patience to wait for the chocolate to melt. Delicious whoopie pies!!!”



That’s my blogging station (more like the Grand Central Station of our home). A well fed blogger is a happy blogger.

A note to Shannon… my husband enjoyed every flavor and mentioned that he would like larger pies. I’ll order minis for mama and the kids next time, and large for Daddy.

It’s that time again… time for a giveaway. Be sure to LIKE Time Out For Whoopie on Facebook for extra entries (let’s help them get to 1000 LIKES this week!). Remember this growing VT business when you need something sweet, party favors, gifts.


ENTER HERE to WIN this giveaway:

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Healing Earth Giveaway


We are happy to host another giveaway with Healing Earth Vermont Herbals. Find our previous review and giveaway here.

Today I would like to tell you about the all natural and DEET free bug repellants that Healing Earth’s owner Cathleen Keogh is making. Ingredients include sweet almond oil, beeswax and essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, geranium, sweet birch and cedarwood. Note that Cathleen does not add citronella. She said that she doesn’t care for the scent and find that others feel the same way. The repellant not only repels VT’s buggiest bugs but the essential oils make it great for your skin too.

“I had a friend take our Bug Repellent on safari in Africa where she said they had the least bites and best protection of the whole group.” ~Cathleen


New this year is the Bug Repellent Stick. Pack this in any bag and don’t worry about a spilling, sticky liquid. The sticks are very convenient and easy to use.


I appreciate that Cathleen has taken the time to perfect a bug repellent recipe that I only wish I could make (thanks for the motivation Pinterest, but…….).  I am confident using these products on myself and my children (they are also safe on pets!) and goodness knows that with the great variety of VT bugs, we need these!

Now it’s your turn to try these VT made products! Click here to learn more and to ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY:

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Giveaway prizes:

spraybug_lcp0091 heal_salve_lcp4491aches_away

Find Healing Earth Vermont Natural’s products near you!

Bug off!

Holdster Giveaway


Whether you are throwing a party and need a secure scotch holder or you want something snazzy to carry your morning coffee… there’s a Holdster for that.

Holdster is headquartered in Burlington, VT. They currently have a dozen products for sale and I am just guessing that there might be more in the future. I personally think that these would make wonderful company gifts, groomsmen gifts, and more.


You learn something new everyday. While researching Holdster I learned about vegetable tanned leather. Here, you can learn more too: “Vegetable-tanned leather, or ‘veg-tan’ leather, is tanned with tannins and other ingredients found in vegetable matter.  It is a more environmentally friendly leather than chrome-tanned leather and it looks great and wears beautifully.” ~Holdster website

Once the perfect leather has been chosen each Holdster is cut, edged, stitched, and finished. After an inspection handles, cross stitching, and rivets can be attached. Then a wide mouth 16 oz mason glass jar is inserted.



Next, or last…. “Once you’ve bought your Holdster, use it: Hard. It’s time to go drink something.” ~Holdster website


What would you fill YOUR Holdster with? Here are a few ideas for you:




Hot cocoa & marshmallows



Hot black coffee

I gave a Holdster to my friend Matt and here is what he thought of it: “The Holdster is stylish and functional. It is a unique gift idea and I love the classic look of the leather.”


It’s not just for drinks! Enjoy your favorite ice cream.


Tonight’s dinner.. salad in a jar!


Here’s a perk just for Try Vermont First readers… with the code “tryvermontfirst” you will save $5 on your order through the end of the month. Happy shopping (Christmas is coming!).

Now it’s your chance to WIN a Holdster! We are giving away two of them! ENTER HERE:

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Happy (and stylish!) drinking,


Eat More Kale Giveaway



This year my son’s favorite snack in kindergarten was the kale chips the chef made. She started with local kale, added a little olive oil and salt, baked until crisp and boom…. she had a whole school eating a healthy and wholesome snack. Early in the year each child was sent home with an Eat More sticker. Soon the school parking lot looked like a green Eat More Kale dot to dot game.


This is Bo Muller-Moore, the man behind Eat More Kale. Bo, a native of Tennessee, lives in Central VT and plans to stay here forever. With a t-shirt screen printing kit that had been given to him as a gift Bo created “CHEESE” shirts for first himself and then his friends and co workers. (Bo, I want one!) Shortly after Bo and his wife adopted a 20 year old autistic young man and Bo found that printing shirts was a positive, creative outlet for both of them. They printed a variety of shirts and sold them at local farmer’s markets. Bo’s friends from High-Ledge Farm special ordered shirts that said “Eat More Kale” in hopes to promote the crop that was so plentiful on their farm that year. Bo says that he didn’t give the order much thought, he just cut the stencil, printed, and delivered the shirts.


What happened next? “The idea became “viral” before people knew what “viral” was, then quickly spread to all corners of the world.” ~Bo


You can find Eat More Kale shirts all around Vermont and New England. Check out their website and you will find shirts for men, women, and children, as well as merchandise that includes hats, magnets, Frisbees, yoga mats and much more. Contact Bo if you are interested in ordering a large quantity of wholesale shirts. You will find a variety of shirts online including “cheese”, “compost”, and “organic”.


By the way… how do you like your KALE? We like our kale in smoothies, with a few peaches (or bananas) and our favorite VT yogurt. Eat (or drink!) More Kale… try it! Find more kale recipes here.

IMG_8004 IMG_7992

(Photos taken by my six year old.)

Eat More Kale has both stayed local (with printing help from Beavin & Son’s in Montpelier when times were busy) and gone global (selling shirts around the world). I have enjoyed learning more about Bo’s story and am proud to wear my Eat More Kale shirt and support this business. I am happy to share Eat More Kale with Try Vermont First readers. Enter below to WIN an Eat More Kale shirt for yourself (maybe Bo will also send you an Eat More Kale sticker – he gives our over 100,000 FREE every year). Look for a fun doodle on your package in the mail… Bo surely is having fun with what he is doing!

One more note… be SURE to LIKE Eat More Kale on Facebook because Bo hosts giveaways OFTEN. On Facebook you will also learn of great deals and special offers.



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Shelburne Farms Giveaway


Driving onto the Shelburne Farms property takes my breath away every single time. There is magic behind the stone pillars at the front gate. My mind starts swirling with stories and history as we pass the Farm Barn (which we call “the castle barn”) and as we continue along the windy dirt road we “moooooooooooooooooo” to the brown swiss cows and stop to look for sea glass along the rocky shoreline.


Shelburne Farms is a non-profit organization devoted to education, conservation, and sustainability. This 1,400-acre working farm and National Historic Landmark is located in Shelburne, VT on the shore of Lake Champlain. “Shelburne Farms directs numerous leading-edge educational programs, such as its professional development for educators and school field trips. Shelburne Farms is the Northeast regional lead for the National Farm to School Network, coordinator of the Vermont Farm to School Network, a partner in Vermont Food Education EveryDay (VT FEED), and backbone organization to the Farm – Based Education Network.”


I think that you could spend a week visiting the farm and still find more new things to explore. There are ten miles of walking trails, the children’s farmyard, the Inn, which has 24 guest rooms, a public restaurant, and so much more!

IMG_2657  IMG_1445   IMG_2643  IMG_1456

Our family loves to take the tractor ride from the Welcome Center to the Farm Barn to visit the animals. Highlights of each trip include watching the chicken parade (and looking for the rooster), milking the cow, brushing the rabbits, and looking for chicken eggs (my son’s favorite thing to do).

IMG_7888 IMG_7863

On our last visit to the farm we were able to watch Feta the goat have her hooves trimmed and meet the new goat kids. Every time we visit there is something new to see, something new to learn, and more things to be part of.


My children were also welcomed into the garden, invited to try the herbs, and put right to work pulling weeds. The time the staff took to make this such an enriching experience encouraged the kids to be more helpful in our garden at home.


After visiting the animals we walked along the trails, following a Storywalk (a deconstructed book bordering the trail). It was a fun way for my six year old son to share a story with his sister. There were stick teepees along the way to investigate and flowers to pick.


The kids ran and laughed with their cousins all the way to our picnic spot. When they got to the top of the hill they were excited to see the great view of the Inn, the lake, and the New York mountains.

IMG_7903   IMG_7910-001

Shelburne Farms is special for everyone… young and old, Vermonters and visitors. We try to go there at least once per season, as each season holds different things to do on the farm.


Would you like to visit Shelburne Farms? They have sent us TWO family day passes to share with Try Vermont First readers.



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IMG_2674 IMG_2653 IMG_2622 IMG_2615

Thank you Shelburne Farms for the countless happy memories you have made for our family.

Here’s to many more!



PS: Shelburne Farms hosts weddings too! 7.22.2005




Circus Smirkus Giveaway


Some children sleep with a favorite lovey or stuffed animal. My children…. they sleep with their Circus Smirkus playbook which contains pictures of last year’s show and performers. Currently it’s in my 3 year old’s bed, though soon I am sure her 6 year old brother will snatch it back. They “read” it daily, talk about acts and performers they enjoy, and practice their own circus routines.


Circus day is one of our favorite days of the summer. We look forward to this day all year and spend the weeks before the show getting as many friends as we can to join us for the show. We have signed up for news from Smirkus so we are sure to not miss out.


Here are some important facts about Circus Smirkus:

Circus Smirus is Vermont’s own award-winning, international traveling youth circus founded in Greensboro Vermont in 1987 with the mission of promoting the skills, culture and traditions of the traveling circus and providing a forum for kids to engage in life-enhancing adventures through the circus arts. Its three programs include the Big-Top Tour, the only touring youth circus in the country.  Its acclaimed in-school and after-school Ringmaster Residencies, and Smirkus Camp, America’s only residential circus arts training conducted in a traditional summer camp setting.


Circus Smirkus is the only youth circus in the country to travel “under canvas” – that is, as a traditional traveling show complete with a Big Top­ tent.

Smirkus is a 501c3 non-profit with eleven year round employees and 85 seasonal staff, based out of Greensboro, VT.


Smirkus is not just for kids, but it is performed by kids. Just kids! This year’s troupe includes 30 kids, ages 10-18, from 9 states and Mexico.  After just 3 weeks of working together in June the troupe will travel to 15 cities in 7 weeks and perform in 66 shows. Now that’s a summer “vacation”!


These young performers are enthusiastic, energetic, and amazing! They work together with trust and ease. They will dazzle audiences with their grace and precision. They will wow watchers with their talent and skill. Though I do not personally know any of performers I am emotionally proud of them at the end of each show.


My family has been lucky enough to go see Circus Smirkus the last three years and we already have our tickets for this year’s show. I suggest that everyone go see this circus. Take your friends, tell your neighbors, make it a family affair.


Circus Smirkus kicks off this Sunday at their home base in Greensboro. From there they will travel to St Johnsbury VT, Hanover NH, Saratoga Springs NY, Freeport ME and more. Find ticket information here.


This year’s show is titled  Anchor’s Away For Atlantis. “Ahoy there! It’s all hands on deck as we dive into another season with Circus Smirkus. This time we set sail for adventure on the high seas and take the plunge for fathoms of fun. Discover maritime merriment under the briny big top, where we explore the vast ocean in all of its beauty and mystery – both above and below the surface. Join our intrepid crew as we climb the rigging with aquatic aerialists, tumble the surf with amphibious acrobats, even catch and release some fishy jugglers. Help turn the tides for the castaway clowns set adrift in center ring. This nautical production will be ship shape, so hold your breath and ride the wave as Circus Smirkus proudly presents Anchors Away for Atlantis.”



I am thrilled to announce that Circus Smirkus is hosting a giveaway with Try Vermont First! Be sure to enter this giveaway daily to increase your chance of winning, and LIKE Circus Smirkus on Facebook for real-time updates, pictures, videos, and more. (Note that our winner will receive a family four pack of tickets to a show of their choice in one of the following cities: Hanover NH – July 5-6, Swanzey, NH July 15-16,  Sandwich MA July 21-23,Waltham, MA July 25-27, Montpelier August 10-13.)


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Enjoy the SHOW!


We always take time to meet and thank the performers after the show. Here we are last year with To To.



Dell’Amore Sauce Giveaway


I have a confession…. for years I have seen Dell’Amore jars of sauce at my local grocery store and I never knew it was made in Vermont. The jar stands out, is eye catching, and appealing. I am sorry that I never took the time to read the label.

And now that I have read the label and learned more I have a new favorite jarred sauce!


Frank Dell’Amore shares his start up story and inspiration with us: “All inspiration for me came from my mom and my grandma.I always loved to help my mom in the kitchen when i was a kid.   She was an unbelievable cook.  My grandma (her picture is on the label) and my mom would make magic in the kitchen….so creative….on top of making THE BEST traditional southern italian food. I started a food/pizza business in the 70’s while a student at  Plattsburgh State.   Made my mom s  pizza recipe at the Monopole Bar/ Restaurant.  That pizza is still being sold there today, although I’m no longer a part of the business there. Opened Filomena’s pizza in Burlington in 1980. Began bottling the spaghetti sauce in 1986 at 5am in the pizzeria. Been making it in Colchester since 1993.”



Here are reviews from my friends and family:


“We tried the Dell’Amore Savory Olive marinara sauce on two pizzas tonight with two other VT products (Cabot Mozz Cheese and VT Smoke and Cure Smoked Pepperoni). We thought the marinara was full flavor with nice large chunks of kalamata olives. It paired perfectly with the pepperoni and cheese for this kids. Us big kids had it with mushrooms, black olives, onions, broccoli, and a few slices of the pepperoni.” ~Barb


We tried the sauce tonight-it said Spicy and of course that made {my daughter} excited.  It was really nice for jarred sauce {and} definitely had a kick! ~Emily


“We tried the Sweet Basil sauce, served over whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs. Upon tasting it, my first thought was that it tasted authentic. It was very flavorful and a bit sweet and reminded me of a rich sauce that would be made and served in a true, authentic Italian restaurant. Our whole family loved it, and I plan to pick up some more!” ~Sarah



My own family has tried the Original Recipe and the Spicy Recipe. I loved both and am partial to the spicy because this is how I enjoy my marinara. Both tasted incredibly fresh and natural. Frank and his team have the perfect balance of sweet, salty, savory. The ingredients are simple and all from the US. I asked Frank what their best sellers are and he said that Original, Basil & Garlic, and then Spicy.

IMG_7145 - Copy

You can find Dell’Amore products in Hannaford stores, Costco,  Healthy Living City Market, Price Chopper, Shaws, as well as many independent stores throughout Vermont and beyond. Click here to find a store near you, or to order online.


Thanks for sharing your products with us Frank!

Try Vermont First would like to share a jar of Dell’Amore sauce with you.

Enter here to WIN:
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As they say in Italian: “Godere!”


Karen’s Artisan Popcorn Giveaway


Tonight I am excited to share a rather NEW Vermont product with you. One that makes my mouth water! Crunchy, sweet, salty POPCORN! Karen’s Artisan Popcorn.


Karen Brittain credits her parents for much of her success with her business. Karen’s mom shared a love of baking with her daughter and Karen’s father was a food scientist. As a kid Karen was happy to “mess around” in the kitchen and as an adult she enjoyed taking her time to research and develop her flagship flavor: Herbaceous Blend.


The Herbaceous Blend combine garlic, onion, black pepper, cayenne pepper and other spices with a locally grown organic popcorn. Karen uses a blend of olive and canola oils which she says infuses a subtle buttery flavor.


Everyone in my family enjoyed this salty snack. The flavors are not overly bold, but pronounced. It’s a light snack that will easily please any crowd.


I suggest that you take a moment NOW to find where you can get Karen’s Artisan Popcorn and get yourself her Maple Kettle Bliss ASAP. It’s nothing short of amazing. Actually it’s beyond amazing. Before I opened the bag I told friends that I would be happy to share. After I took a bite I quickly ran to hide the rest of the bag. I taped on a big sign that said “DO NOT EAT, FOR MY BLOG”. And then I ate the whole bag myself. I have made maple popcorn for years, but it does not compare to this product. Karen has mastered the balance of sweet and salty. It’s perfectly sweet and perfectly salty.


But wait…. there’s more! Much more! In addition to the Herbaceous Blend and Maple Kettle Bliss there is Lemon Confection, Baked Vanilla Spice, Sea Salt Sublime, Chocolate Wanderlust and more! What flavor are you most tempted to try?


My friend Lauren shares her reviews of Karen’s lemon and chocolate flavors:

“Let me preface this by saying I LOVE popcorn, but I am biased. I truly only like buttery, salty popcorn. Kettle corn and the like have previously been turn offs to me, so when you asked me to review lemon and chocolate popcorn I got stuck on the lemon and chocolate part and not until I received the bags did I remember my aversion to sweet popcorn, but, alas, I gave my word so I put on a brave face and opened up the lemon flavor. Well, oh my yummyness. There was an amazing combination of crisp candylike lemon sugar and fabulous fresh tasting popcorn. I subsequently inhaled half the bag in minutes. This led me to be quite excited for the chocolate flavor, as well I should have been. As I munched away I initially was not as in love as I had been with the lemon, but as I continue d to snack it’s irresistible combination of chocolate and spice began to lure me in. I hadn’t realized it was a Mayan chocolate popcorn and although I wouldn’t necessarily buy that flavor before this experience -I definitely wouldn’t look past it now. What an amazing flavor, again, only made better by the quality popcorn that tasted as if had been popped earlier that day.
So I suppose my overall review is “wow”. This popcorn has opened the door to the sweet side of popcorn, previously closed tightly, to an old fashioned salty popcorn girl such as myself. A plus.”


Lemon Confection is surprising. It’s not what your brain expects when you eat popcorn. It is very sweet, full of lemon flavor, and a real treat!


Chocolate Wanderlust is very rich and has a spicy kick. It’s gourmet popcorn at its best. Buy a bag to share and impress.



Karen also offers a DIY kit. Look at how beautiful the corn is! This corn is Vermont and US organically grown including kernels from Hurricane Flats Farm in South Royalton and Cosmo Brigante in Colchester. The kit will make two large batches which are equivalent to six bags of Karen’s Artisan. In addition to the lovely corn, Karen includes her herbaceous blend of spices and instructions on how to make the best popcorn in your own home.


Above is the photo shoot I did for this blog. I could not stop eating the popcorn while shooting!

Karen has so much to offer. Remember her when you need a great gift, want a local snack to impress at your summer party, need a thank you gift or more! Check out the Gourmet Popcorn of the Month Club. That’s my kind of gift!

You can find Karen’s Artisan Popcorn at The  Burlington Farmers Market and the Milton Farmers Market. You can get her popcorn at Healthy Living Market, Apple Mountain Vermont Gifts & Food, and kernels and popcorn toppings at Shelburne Supermarket.

Karen has generously offered to send prizes to THREE lucky Try Vermont First fans. ENTER HERE to be one of our winners:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pop on!