Circus Smirkus Giveaway 2015

“It’s the most wonderful day of the year…..”


That’s how my family feels about going to see Circus Smirkus. It’s one of our favorite days of the summer, and of the whole year. My children “practice” circus all year long and when the flyer comes in the mail announcing the new show there is extra tumbling with excitement.


Last year we hosted a giveaway for Circus Smirkus tickets and that’s exactly what we plan to do again this year!


First let me tell how about how special Circus Smirkus is!  This year’s troupe of 29 come from 13 states, and are aged 11-18! They’ll perform 70 shows over 7 weeks in 15 cities and towns around New England and New York. They take their audience to magical and fun places. This show is not just for kids! I not only enjoy the comedy but am in awe of the strength and abilities of these young adults!


Here is a bit about this year’s show: ”

“Dig into another serving of Circus Smirkus! This season, we follow a new recipe to whet your appetite, exploring the culinary arts and food’s fantastic flavors in our Big Top bistro. It’s a multiple course menu with acrobatic hors d’oeuvres, juggling sous chefs, sweet and sour unicycles, and high frying aerialists. Every delicious discovery is freshly baked fun, spiced with excitement, sautéed in silliness, with a pinch of whimsy. Something taste funny? Must be the clowns! So grab your fork and tuck in your napkin for a tasty triumph, as Circus Smirkus proudly presents the 2015 Big Top Tour: Bon Appétit!”


Here’s more that you might not know about Circus Smirkus:

“Circus Smirkus is Vermont’s own non-profit, award-winning, international traveling youth circus founded in Greensboro Vermont in 1987 with the mission of promoting the skills, culture and traditions of the traveling circus and providing a forum for kids to engage in life-enhancing adventures through the circus arts. Our three programs include the Big-Top Tour, the only touring youth circus in the country.  Our acclaimed in-school and after-school Ringmaster Residencies, and Smirkus Camp, America’s only residential circus arts training conducted in a traditional summer camp setting. Smirkus Camp serves over 600 kids a summer at our new, freshly built, permanent facility in Greensboro, VT, complete with 30+ acres, a135 year old farmhouse and barn. Smirkus is a 501c3 non-profit with eleven year round employees and 85 seasonal staff, based out of Greensboro, VT.”


Circus Smirkus opens THIS WEEKEND on their home stage in Greensboro! Get your tickets now!


Are you ready for that chance to WIN I mentioned earlier? The winner of this giveaway will win a family four pack of tickets to any of the following shows:

Hanover NH – July 11-13
Keene, NH July 15-16
Sandwich MA July 21-22
Waltham, MA july  24-26
Montpelier, August 9-12

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Best wishes, safe travels, and happy performance wishes to this year’s Circus Smirkus troupe!
~Honi (and your biggest fans Henry and Stella)





Spirits of Vermont 2015 Giveaway

Mark your calendar now for the Spirits of Vermont taking place on Sunday, July 5th, 2015, 3:00-6:00pm at the Joe’s Pond Pavilion, West Danville Vermont.

spirits invite


Spirits of Vermont 2015 is a fundraiser to benefit the Pope Memorial Library in Danville, Vermont. This event showcases unique and remarkable wine, beer, and distilled spirits made in Vermont. Bailiwick’s Fine Restaurant is the featured caterer and will provide delicious food to accompany the spirits. Representatives will be available to dispense tastings and will have additional products for sale.




Here are a few of the Vermont  vendors who will be part of Spirits of Vermont:






Tickets are $30.00. Advance ticket purchase is available at the Pope Memorial Library on the Danville Green. Tickets will also be available at the door.  Door prizes, raffle items, and live music add to the festivities.


For more information about Spirits of Vermont, please contact the library at or email


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Spiritfully yours,

Feared Beard Giveaway


Are you a man with an out of control scruffy beard? Or do you know someone fitting this description? Here to help tame the mane is Feared Beard VT. I asked owner Kyle Donovan why he started this business and this is what he shared: “My good friend Matt was not able to find a beard oil he liked. I’m a UVM chemistry graduate. I’ve worked as a pharmaceutical chemist for 4 or 5 years, but over the past 3 years I’ve been working as a formulation chemist at a local soap factory. So I’ve become a sort of raw material nerd from all the bar soap formulas I’ve developed over the years and was able to really learn and understand what components work best. Matt reached out to me one day and basically tasked me with developing a beard oil that was highly effective and completely natural. After a bunch of iterations, we came to the conclusion that what I finally generated was really effective and better than most products out on the market. I decided to start a little side hobby of developing a brand, and well, here we are.”



Currently their best seller is Natural Balm and Frosted Wood Oil. When your beard is feeling a bit more out of control/frizzy/needing extra maintenance try the thicker beard balm.



I asked Kyle what makes his products stand out from others. Here is his response: “Our products are 100% natural and are formulated to have no fillers or junk. Everything in our formulations have a purpose. I’ve designed these formulations to be kind of a blend of new world and old world components. We take organic jojoba oil (desert plant in the southwest) and blend it with African oils that have been used for generations in hair care. We also utilize Champlain Apiary beeswax for our balms. There are a lot of brands out there and its hard for people to understand what the differences are. I make every bottle by hand and every single order matters to me. I’ve built my career on developing formulations and I’m not just some knucklehead putting a bunch of oils in a bottle and pretending it works. OK, so maybe the knucklehead part is true…”




I needed a bit of help reviewing these products and found the perfect person for the job. Read his review below:


Feared Beard – Lifted Lavender Beard Oil Review for TVF.

First, a disclaimer. I’m not a beard guy – I’m a guy with a beard. I don’t wear skinny jeans, vests, or ironic tee shirts. I’m a Vermonter, not a hipster. When I want a great local burger, I go to the Shopping Bag, not the Farmhouse. In other words, I’m probably not in the key market demographic for beard products. What I am, however, is a guy who loves girls. My two girls, in particular – who both love my beard, but when it gets big and scratchy, it is just no good for bedtime cuddles with my daughter, or special snuggles with my fiancee.

In other words, I was a man on a mission. To keep my beard and my ladies happy. Enter Try Vermont First and an awesome goodie bag containing a little bottle of beard oil. I was ecstatic. Great logo, the bottle is well made of a heavy glass with a screw top my oft broken crooked fingers could open without having to grab a pair of pliers.

I was less psyched to discover that it was Lavender. I’m a guy, and guys don’t wear lavender, at least not from where I come from. But I promised Honi and TVF a review, and I was willing to take one for the team.

Application was easy. The few drops per application as indicated on the label didn’t cut it (my beard must be a bit more feared than most) , but after a few extra shakes of the thin, light oil into my palm it massaged easily into my ginger whiskers. Important note: Keep it off your lips and out of your mouth. REALLY. Unless you want to do your own impersonation of Will Ferrell in Elf when he took a Binaca shot of perfume!  It only took a few times for me to learn my lesson, but I’m a guy – so you gotta cut me some slack, we just aren’t as smart as the ladies. It isn’t the product’s fault, I’m just a meat-head.

The results – I immediately noticed an improved shine and the red color of my beard  went from standard to High-Def. That alone wasn’t going to make up for smelling like lavender all day, but I’m no quitter. After a few days repeated use, I noticed a definite improvement in the softness and mane-manageability. My beard doesn’t feel heavy or weighted down, or slicked together like I hit it with some old school Palmade (I’m no Dapper-Dan Man). As an extra bonus, the oil doesn’t make my face all greasy or shiny – but right after I apply it, there is just enough on my skin to shave my neck without any pain or pulling from my razor.

Honi asked for a review after a week or so of continued use, but I was determined to give it a real shot -really commit to a marathon test. Plus, I’m a procrastinator, and an extended test meant I could put off writing a review for a bit. And perhaps for a few extra bits.  (Sorry Honi!). After a full month of use, only a handful of people at work have made fun of the fact I smell like lavender (both my girls love it, but I’m still not sold) but I get many compliments on how good my beard looks, and it is much easier to maintain and keep in check. The results from my extended test – my beard gets softer with each use. Skip a day or two and I’m heading back to brillo, but a hot shower and a healthy application and things are back on track.

I’ll definitely seek out more of Feared Beard’s products. My tiny little bottle of beard oil is almost empty, so I’ll hit their website to find a great local retailer to buy more. I’ll probably try another scent though – although who knows. I could become a Lavender man after all. A note to all my friends out there in the 802 – anyone see me sporting a stupid hat or skinny jeans, please drag me behind a tractor until I come back to my senses! Feared Beard may have sold me on using beard care products, but every guy has his limits.

Deepest Regards,

Ewing Fox


Thanks Ewing!



You can find the Feared Beard collection of oils and balms online and at The Green Life in Burlington. Be sure to LIKE their Facebook page and tell them we sent you!


ENTER HERE to win a gift pack from Feared Beard –> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Go Sox! (Beards make me think of the Red Sox!)

Pickles & Peaches Jewelry Giveaway


If you have seen me wearing the jewelry items pictured above and wanted to ask me where I got them look no further! I will share the details with you and give you a chance to win a jewelry set for yourself! Meredith White owns Pickles and Peaches, an Etsy shop featuring leather and stone jewelry. Her innovative jewelry is both soft and industrial.


I asked Meredith for details on how she started her business and she shared this: “I’ve been making jewelry since I learned that beads weren’t for sticking up your nose:-) I’ve worked with various mediums ranging from beads, to clay, to silver and sold different pieces throughout the years. About a year ago, I took leather jewelry class given by Tessa Valyou of Foliage Bags and I fell in love. Something about working with the different colors and textures really resonated with me.  I started with making a few pieces for myself and as gifts for friends. People seemed to really like them and would ask where they could buy them, there seemed to be enough interest so I thought why not and Pickles & Peaches was born.”


My beautiful model/friend Lauren tells us what she thinks of Pickles and Peaches: I had a lot of fun wearing this leather jewelry.  It’s so soft and light, I almost forgot I was wearing it.  That is, until someone would say, “Ooooo, what is that bracelet made of?”.  I’d proudly walk over and say “leather!! Smell!!” (Because it smells beautifully of high quality leather)  I must have gotten 5 or 6 compliments on the bright red bracelet the night I wore it.  I absolutely love these pieces and am excited to incorporate them into my wardrobe!


Meredith jokes that she is addicted to leather. She buys scrap leather in bulk from other crafters. When the large boxes arrive she never knows what she is going to find inside. She is truly making one of a kind items!


Meredith is making leather items in every color, color combination, and shape possible. Take a look at the necklaces she has available. In addition to the Pickles and Peaches Etsy Shop you can also find these items at the Birdfolk Collective in Winooski.

ENTER HERE to win a lovely prize from Pickles and Peaches:a Rafflecopter giveaway


 Please take a moment to LIKE Pickles and Peaches on Facebook and tell them we sent you! Small Vermont businesses appreciate your social media support!



Father’s Day Giveaway 2015

Happy Father’s Day to the many amazing men in my life!! To my father, my stepfather, my husband, and father in law. To my brothers and brothers in law, I thank you for being part of my life!


IMG_7745  IMG_7747


Below we have a collection of amazing gifts perfect for any Dad! Note that our one lucky winner has the option to take home each gift, or send them to any Dad (or Dads) of their choice!



Vermont artist Kevin Ruelle is going to send our winner an 11 x 14 “Bicycle Vermont” print. Kevin’s complete line of posters will take you through Vermont’s many seasons and up and down our great state.


3 New BBQ

My husband talks about Gringo Jack’s more than any other Vermont business/product. Having their Sweet and Spicy Chipolte Glaze on hand is a must! Gringo Jack’s just launched a new line of barbeque sauces, marinades and salsas. This prize pack includes a glaze, a jar of one of their new craft beer BBQ sauces, a new salsa and a bag of chips. Happy grilling and snacking Dad!



Squirrel Stash Nuts are WAY more than your average bar nut. These nuts are perfectly roasted, generously sweet, and their Buzzed Nuts have mild ale from the Burlington Beer Company added. They will disappear quickly! Squirrel Stash Nuts will send our winner a Stash of Squirrel Stash BUZZED plus a stainless steel pint cup.


Tis the season for long evenings in the garden. I don’t know about your Dad/husband but I can say that mine doesn’t wear gardening gloves and comes in with “garden hands”. My step dad is pretty famous for his “garden feet”! Mill Brook Naturals will send our winner a Gardener’s Hand Soap with pumice. We have one and it works great. Our winner will also receive an unscented lotion stick to keep their hands soft and well cared for.




Wildwood Vermont‘s artisan Sean Murray makes one of a kind Cedar Travel Mugs. They are hand turned on a lathe out of a solid block of cedar wood. These beautiful travel mugs come with a screw on stainless steel liner and lid. Your hands will be happy when you hold this mug, not only is it light weight, but it is also smooth to the touch. The finish on the mug is a very durable, all natural, Zero VOC, Oil finish. For every sale, a donation will be made to the foundation where a tree will be planted. Our winner will be able to have their mug personally engraved.



Green Mtn Mini Baked is combining donuts, beer, and pretzels! Genius! A dozen of these mini donuts will be shipped for our winner to enjoy. Find the  donut treat that best fits your Dad… maybe Banana Chocolate Chip, or Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream, or Maple Syrup & Bacon, Cookies & Cream, or Root Beer Float. These donuts are for way more than just breakfast!



Feared Beard can help Dad to keep his beard under control and well maintained this summer. Their best selling Beard Balm combines Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beewswax and more. This well studied combination aims to keep your beard and skin underneath healthy. Go beard, Go Sox!




CLICK HERE to ENTER to win all of the above! a Rafflecopter giveaway


You can choose to keep all the gifts, send them all to one person, or split the gifts up and send them to as many Dads as you love!


Good luck, and remember to thank Dad for all that he does, like share his tomato plants and fix your leaky sink (twice…). THANKS DAD!


Happy Happy Father’s Day!




Bear Hill Soaps Giveaway






You may want to turn your “small-a-vision” on for this post!

How do most successful businesses start? With years of research, study, and experimentation. That’s just how Bear Hill Soaps got their start! Owner Michelle Connair tells us that Bear Hill Soaps combines two of her favorite things: soapmaking and herbal medicine. Here are more of Michelle’s thoughts: “The world needs more bodycare products that are made from pure and natural ingredients, that repair our skin, nourish our soul, and tread lightly upon the earth. Too many commercial soaps and cosmetics contain potentially harmful parabens, phalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, sacrificing quality for shelf-life and profit.”


We asked Michelle what makes Bear Hill Soaps different:

-We make our products in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and quality, with the purest ingredients we can find, and use local, organic, and sustainably-harvested herbs and oils whenever possible.

-We only use natural preservatives like Vitamin E and honey, because we don’t believe in putting harmful chemical additives or synthetic dyes & scents on your body or into the Earth’s precious water supplies.

-Our base oils are infused with wildcrafted skin-healing herbs before being made into soap, giving you a healthy dose of plant medicine every time you wash. Some soaps also have powdered herbs to provide exfoliation and natural color. -Our aromatherapy soaps are made with pure essential oils that make you feel great and smell fabulous.

-Bear Hill bar soaps are more skin friendly than most…They retain the skin-soothing glycerin that is a natural byproduct of saponification process (stripped from most commercial bar soaps to be sold for profit, replaced with chemical lathering agents). Also, our soaps are all “super-fatted,” meaning they contain extra oils to keep your skin feeling smooth and nourished.”


Our family’s favorite is the Lavender Tulsi (Michelle’s favorite too!). This soap is gentle on skin and smells lovely! The bar has lasted for months with everyday hand washing.


My son claimed the Pine Forest soap for himself. Michelle told us that the Pine Forest scent is her best seller: “a lovely evergreen-scented soap that contains Vermont-wildcrafted white pine, spruce, and cedar oils, and chaga powder, along with other seasonal skin-healing herbs like jewelweed and nettles. It smells lovely, like walking through an old-growth forest. In aromatherapy, evergreens balance the third eye (which represents psychic vision) to bring greater balance, perspective, and clarity to your life.

I can speak for the soap’s ability to clean 7 year old boy dirt and grime. The soap is gentle enough to use everyday, without ever worrying about skin drying out. He smells pretty great too!

Here are a few  more reviews from friends:


Bear Hill Soap’s “Rose Garden with Calendula & Dead Sea Salts” has the kind of scent you want to just keep inhaling and inhaling.  The fragrance was flowery, yet subtle – you could tell just by smelling that there were no chemicals or preservatives used.  Beautiful looking, simple and natural packaging…. I definitely will buy this soap for myself again and for giving as a lovely, sweet gift.  ~Kelly


“I was very excited to try this soap as I am an avid believer in the benefits of using natural soaps.  I don’t like to idea of rubbing a chemical laden soap over my body, so this soap is just what I love – natural and the added pro of being locally made!!  I tried the maple chai and was initially worried that it would be a little too fragrant and I’d end up smelling like a teenage girl on my way to a school dance.  I was pleasantly surprised, although the delicious aroma filled my shower I wasn’t left smelling like  piece of candy.” ~Lauren

Currently you can find Bear Hill Soaps in three locations: online at, at the Brattleboro Food Co-op, and at the Putney Farmers’ Market Sundays 11-2. Find the full product line and start shopping here.  Ask for these artisan soaps at your favorite retailer!

Now it’s time for a great giveaway! Michelle will send two winners two bars of soap of their choice!

ENTER HERE to win —-> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Stay clean!

Party Planning Review & Giveaway

“Who doesn’t love a party? ask Kate Patno, owner of From You Know Whoo. Kate has loved parties and party planning all of her life, and opened her party planning and prepping business just over a year ago.


What does Kate do? I’ll let her tell you:

“From You Know Whoo designs parties just for you.   You choose the theme or color scheme for your event, and I do the rest.  I create custom invitations (and coordinated thank you notes!), decorations, and party favors and include all the paper products as well.  They all get packaged into a box, and delivered right to your doorstep.   I try to utilize unique products and high quality materials to ensure the items for your event are durable and fun!”

I was lucky enough to work with Kate this Spring in preparation of my daughter’s 4th birthday party. My birthday girl requested a pink ballerina party. I gave Kate this information along with a few party details and she came back to me with an amazing party plan!

Fullscreen capture 5132015 102311 PM


You can see that Kate is throughout in her planning and thinks of every last detail from start to finish. She will pack up the decorations, party favors, paper products (and more) and deliver it right to your doorstep! She is also available to help set up!

ballet party invite.1

Here is the great invitation that Kate made for us, as well as the ballerina theme wreath, which now is a great bedroom decoration.


IMG_3618 IMG_3620

So how do you start? Contact Kate with your theme or color scheme and let her take care of the rest. She says that her favorite part of her job is: “help[ing] customers create an event that is both as special and unique as they are!  It’s fun and exciting to share in their special occasions and to get to know people during such happy times in their lives!”

Here are a few recent customer reviews:

~Love how I could decorate Kenzie’s room after her Spa party!!! Thank you Miss Kate!!!

~Just got my two very jam packed boxes!!! So excited to see what’s inside!!!! Thank you Kate Patno, you are going to make one very happy little girl!

~From You Know Whoo to the rescue! Kate is not only friendly and easy to talk to, she’s amazingly creative.  She put on display what I can barely articulate into words and she did it with amazing grace and time restrictions.  Everything for our ‘pirate party’ was perfectly organized and tailored for our son…he said: “this was the best birthday party ever, mom!”

~ I love how we could repurpose decorations from my baby shower in my son’s nursery.   From the mobile to the banner….everything was perfectly coordinated and have that extra special look we wanted.



How did the ballerina birthday party turn out? Perfect! Thanks in part to From You Know Whoo!

ballet party thank yousingle image.1

Use the following code to get 10% off the purchase of a party pack valued $150 or more.  Code: TVFLOVES2PARTY Expiration: August 1, 2015



ENTER HERE to win a custom gift From You Know Whoo: a Rafflecopter giveaway Earn extra entries in this giveaway by visiting and LIKING Kate’s Facebook page!


Party on!

Rolled Oats Giveaway: Roger’s Farmstead


Roger’s Farmstead is located on Berlin, VT and is producing a variety of products that I consider everyday must-haves: dairy, grains, meats. Farm owners Nate and Jessie Rogers, along with their young son, are passionate about bringing healthy and quality food to their community and beyond.


Nate and Jessie sent me a bag of their Rolled Oats. I was eager to try them and asked them to share their favorite recipe.

Here is the recipe that Jesse shared with me:


3 cups Rogers Farmstead rolled oats
3/4 cup brown sugar (plus additional)
1/2 cup butter or margarine 
2 eggs
2 cups milk, any kind
1/4 cup ground flaxseed (optional)
2 tea baking powder
1 tea salt
2 tea vanilla extract
1 tea cinnamon
1/4 tea nutmeg
Preheat oven to 375. Melt butter, add eggs and milk and whisk together. Add all ingredients, mix and let stand for 5 minutes. Pour into a 13” x 9” buttered or sprayed baking dish and sprinkle with a little brown sugar.
Bake for 25 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes.  Serve with dried fruit, nuts, honey, maple syrup, mini chocolate chips or whatever treats you like.
This was delicious! I substituted maple syrup for the brown sugar and did not add the flaxseed. I topped with blueberries and enjoyed a hearty, warm, sweet breakfast (and later a lunch!). This is a recipe that I will use again and again, with more rolled oats from Roger’s Farmstead.


I shared the oats with my friend Lauren who turned them into amazing cookies! The oats provided a chewy and rich base for the raisins and chocolate chips that Lauren added. Here’s Lauren’s recipe:

Recipe (adapted from america’s test kitchen)

1 1/2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
1/2tsp table salt
1/2 tsp bkng pwdr
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2sticks softened butter
1cup light brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
2lg eggs
2 cups old fashioned oats
1cup raisins
1/2 cup milk chocolate chips

Oven to 350
Line sheets with parchment
Whisk flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg in bowl ; set aside
In stand mixer, beat butter and sugars til light and fluffy, add eggs (1 at a time) mix til combined, 30 seconds.
Decrease speed to low, add dry ingredients mix til just combined.
Hand stir in raisins and chips.
Drop by heaping teaspoons onto prepared sheet.
Roll into balls.
Bake 18-22 minutes, rotating and switching sheets halfway through cooking.
Cool on sheets 2 minutes, then remove to racks.

“The flavor was more earthy texture more hearty than the dry oats you buy at the store. That made the cookies tender and delicious!” -Lauren

Visit Roger’s Farmstead online to learn and see more of the growing grain process.
You can find Roger’s Farmstead Oats/Flour/Pancake mix at Pete’s Greens in Waterbury, the Farm Store in Jeffersonville, The Falls General Store in Northfield Falls, Oats/Flour at Chef’s Market in Randolph. You can also access them directly at the Montpelier and Rutland Farmers markets, or visit them at the farm itself.
CLICK HERE to win a bag of Rolled Oats: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Happy baking/making!

Mother’s Day Giveaway

My beautiful Mom, Memere, and daughter.

My beautiful Mom, Memere, and daughter.

My Mom and I snowshoeing this winter, with my mini-me on my back.

My Mom and I snowshoeing this winter, with my mini-me on my back.

We love MAINE and long for more time at the ocean.

We love MAINE and long for more time at the ocean.

We are really good at silly selfies!




To me, everyday is Mother’s Day. I am beyond blessed with two healthy, silly, amazing children. I am blessed to have a mother, Nonna to my children, who always puts others first and spends time taking care of so many (including her 13 grandchildren). I have wonderful mothers all around me. My sisters, my family, my dear friends. Let’s celebrate all mothers with a great new giveaway!



The VERY lucky Mom who wins this giveaway will win the following gifts (officially enter at the bottom of this page):


A personalized Family Circle Charm from Alloy Jewelry. Learn more about Alloy Jewelry and visit their website to see their all of their beautiful pieces! My favorite piece is the Sterling Cuff.



A dozen mini traditional Whoopie pies with pink hearts from Time Out For Whoopie. Learn more about Time Out For Whoopie and their perfect sweet treats ~ might I suggest a few of my favorites: coconut, cherry, maple. Ok, I love them all!



A set of 10 Shell note cards and matching personalized Shell return address labels from Pen to Paper Designs. Learn more about Pen to Paper Designs and view their fun, whimsical cards and more! My mom and I share a love for the ocean and I know she would love this Shell set. I know another special Mom who would love the Elephant cards.



A Caramel Sampler (sea salt, chocolate sea salt, pecan, and original) from Red Kite Candy. Learn more about Red Kite Candy and where you can find their amazing melt-in-your-mouth candy!

A trio of popcorn gift packs – Herbaceous Blend, Maple Kettle Bliss, and Lemon Confection – from Karen’s Artisan Popcorn. Learn more about Karen’s unique and mouthwatering popcorn confections. Sign your mom up for the Popcorn of the Month Club or send her ready to pop corn kernels and Karen’s signature Herbaceous Blend popcorn topping.



A lovely handmade necklace on red silk with highlights of fresh water pearls, turquoise and quartz from the JewelryOs® collection at The Family Place. Learn more about The Family Place and how the JewelryOs® program directly benefits young Vermont families living in poverty. Each piece of work is individually created by a young parent who is participating in the Families Learning Together program.



Credit: Mae Memories Photography


Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.” ~Donna Ball


From my family to yours: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

*** CLICK HERE to enter this giveaway —-> a Rafflecopter giveaway



Peace, love & happiness,

Mother’s Day Giveaway from New England Sack

BANNER MOTHERSDAY Happy Mother’s Day from New England Sack! They are back to host another giveaway and to share a valuable coupon code.   This special Mother’s Day box includes gifts from Vermont Natural Whipping Queen and Vermont Hot Glass. logo image_718aa7bb-b269-403c-a077-1223dac24b6a_large   shapeimage_1 Collage 3 Banner There will be additional gifts from our neighbors in Connecticut (Goatboy Soaps) and New Hampshire (Wonderful Life Farm). A 5th item has not been announced yet. Be sure to follow New England Sack on Facebook for hints and announcements! Take a look at past boxes from New England Sack: What-Was-Holiday-Sack November-Box-of-Gratitude-575x1024 Our favorite ~ The Vermont Box! 11074547_10203898917969393_5934986382622036867_n Sign your mother up for a 3 or 6 month subscription and each month she will receive a box filled with unique items from all over New England. Tasty treats, art work, specialty food items and more! Use the code MOTHERS5 and get $5.00 off any length subscription! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!   New-England-Sack-Logo1 We all have a long list of deserving moms. Moms who we want to give the world to. Our own moms, our sisters, our friends, our mentor moms. Show your love, support, appreciation with a gift of amazing New England products! We are giving away a Mother’s Day Box! Simply click and ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway   Happy Mother’s Day! ~Honi